Our Biking Adventure / Failure

Over the weekend we headed down to Ft. Collins Colorado to go biking on a beautiful paved bike trail. The scenery was gorgeous! This was our second attempt at biking. The first was last weekend on a what I call an "easy" trail, flat and no hills. The one in Ft. Collins on the other hand was one mountain hill after another. The day started out great. We got up early and got to the trail around 7:30am! I wanted to start biking before it got really hot outside.

See how happy we were!
Our Biking1 Trip Ft.Collins 7.22.2012
The day before we scored a bike rack for only $43 at Target!
That was the cheapest we had ever seen one. Now we look like true mountain bikers. LOL
Our Biking2 Trip Ft.Collins 7.22.2012
I like to think of myself as a fairly in shape person.
The altitude causes the air to be thin here and you get so out of breath.
I peddled my little heart out. My bike was having trouble switching gears, which didn't help at all.
Our Biking3 Trip Ft.Collins 7.22.2012
I ended up being a girl and basically giving up.
One hill after another kicked my butt and I just lost all my breath.
I actually through my bike down and started crying. Epic Fail. LOL
I feel stupid about it now, thank goodness Cody "gets" me.
I was so frustrated to feel so out of shape.

Photo I took of Cody while I took a break.
Biking at Ft.Collins
We ended up biking for less then an hour, which made me sad.
I didn't want to push myself though.
I think I was close to passing out due to the lack of oxygen.
I am not giving up!!!.
The trail and I will meet again, and I will win. :)


  1. I can relate. I know it will get easier but it was frustrating to have my lungs burning after just half an hour. I didn't realize how physically demanding biking can be.

  2. It's ruff. You can't just go and go. At least not without LOTS of practice. I am just going to keep trying and practicing. Sooner or later I will be awesome.

  3. i envy all the traveling you've done this year. my most outdoors moments have been from the front seat of a greyhound bus...

  4. Things will get easier. :)
    The Mile-high elevation is definitely increasing the level of difficulty since you are just beginning. It's harder than it looks. Good luck!


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