Hello friends!!! I am looking for sponsors for the month of August!
{Only I would put this dorky picture of Cody and I on my blog for a sponsorship post!}
SPONSOR Aug biking
Cody and I finally went biking! I had about six "oh sh*t" moments where I almost wrecked. I am not good at balancing myself on the bike or curves. It was fun though and I think we will be going a lot before the cold weather comes!

Okay, back to sponsoring my blog....

I love swapping ad space with other bloggers or you can pick a size you may be interested in purchasing.
If you swap or purchase a medium ad I will feature your blog in a mid-month "meet my sponsors" post.
View my July post HERE.
Large ads are given the option to host both a giveaway and do your own guest post on my blog!
If you are interested please visit my sponsorship page for full details!
I look forward to working with you!

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