It's A Beautiful Day!

Have a great weekend friends. :) I hope you go do something fun or beautiful!
Don't forget your camera!

Not sure what Cody and I will do today, maybe bike finally!
Sunday is Veg Fest in Colorado! Woo-hoo! Vegans and Sea Shepherds. :)

Wyoming Sky2
A beautiful Wyoming Sky.... Wyoming Sky1
I love photographing beautiful clouds in the sky. These photos were taken by my home in Wyoming.
Most days this is what the sky looks like. Bright blue with beautiful white puffy clouds.


  1. HOT day in Ohio! Right now it's 104 degrees at my house.

  2. I know! It's like 66 and rainy here today. We were going to go biking, so much for that. :( We did buy a cooler for our vacation though. YAY!


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