Trip 2 The Denver Zoo

Cody and I planned on doing nothing over the weekend. I woke up Sunday morning though wanting to go do something after all. (I get bored.) We decided to spontaneously go to the Denver Zoo. It's almost a 2 hour drive from our house. We rushed to get ready and jumped in the car! Going to the zoo and taking lots of photos is one of my favorite things to do. I love photographing the animals so much...

Denver Zoo Collage1
Even though it was super hot outside, most of the animals were still out.
Look at this little cutie. He was hard to catch a photo of because he wouldn't sit still. Denver Zoo White Monkey
I don't know if I have a favorite animal at the zoo. I love them all really.
The big kitties defiantly hold a special place in my heart. They were all being lazy and napping of course...
Denver Zoo Collage2 kitties
This big guy was even sleeping with his tongue out...
Denver Zoo Collage3 Lion
I am always sad to read the signs about the animals being in danger.
I wish everyone cared about animals as much as I do. Humans are killing them everyday.
It breaks my heart. I hope my kids get to see these animals when I take them to the zoo someday in the future.
Denver Zoo Collage4 PIKA
Above is a machine they had setup where you could put in cash to donate. I was super exited to see it.
The Pika is one of my favorite animals.
I learned about them by watching a documentary about Yellowstone National Park.
They are sweet little animals that live in mountains. So adorable!
Look at this beautiful Snow Fox... Denver Zoo Snow Fox
Just some other lovely images I took.... Denver Zoo Collage5
Yes the one below is censored. Hahaha... Denver Zoo Collage6
Everyone loves Giraffes!
Denver Zoo Giffs
I think this was my favorite picture I took. I was really close to this guy... Denver Zoo Red Bird
I had to share this picture I took of this adorable squirrel...
Denver Zoo Collage7
I feel like the Denver Zoo has a great variety of animals to view.
I always enjoy looking at fish!
Denver Zoo Collage 8
Above you see one of the zoo keepers working with a hippo.
The keeper said the hippo was 45 years old and he had been working with him for 14 years.
I thought it was cool that he had taken care of the same animal for so long.
The black bear was hanging out in a tree sunning himself.
Denver Zoo us and zebras
We had a great time! Still think that the Cincinnati Zoo is the best I have been to so far.
What zoo's do you visit and enjoy the most?
I would love to check them out!


  1. Love your pictures, There's a zoo in the UK called Longleat Safari Park, I really want to go, you stay in your car and just drive through it. you get to see them all really close up, apparently the monkeys sit on your car as you drive round :)

  2. ADORABLE snow fox! I love the photo of the squirrel haha

    My favorite zoo is in San Francisco but it's a huge place!

  3. I am always amazed at your photos! You should work for National Geographic- they're great!

  4. That zoo in the UK sounds awesome. I do hope to visit the UK someday, so I will look that zoo up for sure! Thanks! :)

    Crissy - I have been to the SF zoo! Cody and I went on our honeymoon over 6 years ago. I need to scan all the pictures and post them. I was still using film back then, no digital camera.

    Kim - Thanks. You are so sweet. I took 548 pictures yesterday. LOL I do seem to be getting more into photography everyday. :) I love capturing nature.

  5. I love how you censored the ram! LOL

  6. I was trying to be funny. ;) LOL No one needs to see what is behind that bar!!


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