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I am so glad that I decided to start having sponsors on my blog. This first month has been a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I have met some great bloggers and have so many new blogs to read. (If only there was MORE time!!) I want to introduce you to my "medium" sponsors! Make sure to go stop by their blogs and say HELLO! I really have a great group of inspiring ladies!!
Meet my Sponsors

Shell from Kitty and Buck
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Hi there! I'm Shell, my boyfriend (henceforth to be known as C.) calls me Kitty. I'm a professional Motion Graphics Designer and an amateur musician, photographer, dancer, traveler, baker, maker and creator of little things! I currently sleep in Sydney, Australia and am the proud momma of 3 kitties of my own.

Kelley from A Crooked Trail
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Hey There! I'm Kelley Spurlock. I am a newlywed/student, and I do my best to grab a hold of every piece of happiness that comes my way. I have to admit- there's a lot of it. This past summer I married the "one." Cheesy, I know, but deal with it. That brought a whole lot of happiness my direction. It also brought a lot of hard-work, but I would not change my decision for LITERALLY anything in the world. I'm so proud to say that he is mine and I am his for the rest of our lives. Okay... I'll stop before I kill you with cliches. From a very early age I learned that life is fragile. This unhappy fact has cemented the idea that I must strive to get as much out of life as I can. I never want to have regrets about what I could've done and didn't. Therefore I want to see the world. I feel like a culture junkie, but there is just something about culture shock that makes me feel alive. Although my husband, Rion, isn't quite as fanatic about traveling as I am, he is completely supportive and along for the ride. This life may not be quite what I expected, but it's all I could ever ask for.

Dianna from Whatever Dee Dee Wants {she's gonna get it!}
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Who is Dee-Dee? That's me. My real name is Dianna but everyone has called me Dee-Dee for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where I plan to stay. Whatever Dee Dee wants {she's gonna get it} is a life-style blog updated daily with crafts, recipes, shopping finds, printables, kids activities, reading/movie lists, giveaways, daily life and much much more. My blog name comes from a really cool nofx song, Whatever Didi wants she's gonna get it. Could there be a better a title? I think not.

Deborah from In A Whirl Of Inspiration
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And her name is..... *drum roll*..... Deborah! Oh yeah that's me, a full-time biology student, a born explorer, a of-everything-that-has-leaves-on lover, emotional with little but important thing-ies, a book and writing addict and many other things that you will discover as long as you come along with my blog! Well my blog! Come, sit by me. Let’s talk about categorizing. When i was about to start my blog, there was this awkward moment when i had to choose the theme of my blog! If i could put a label on, it would be a "general lifestyle" one. I'm not satisfied with this label though. In this blog i am chronicling my adventures, favorite movies and music, books, diys and decoration, tasty food and traveling! Generally i will write for all these pretty, strange and amusing things that i love and by sharing them with you is like sharing the love!

Karen from The Quiet Owl
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Hello! My name is Karen and I'm a 20 something grad school student living in the South. I do some regular posts on my blog, The Quiet Owl, including What I Wore Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, Food Friday, and Amazing Anime on Sunday. I love finding vintage treasures, playing with my 2 dogs, spending time with my wonderful husband, and strolling through nature. I hope you'll come and visit me on my blog!

Michelle from On The Adventure
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I'm Michelle, the blogger behind On The Adventure. I am an adventurer, a lover of all things outdoors, a music enthusiast, and sometimes quote Bridesmaids more than a healthy amount. I enjoy a good cup of coffee (maybe a little too much), Abraham Lincoln (best. president. ever), glitter (I use it more in my daily life than I'd like to admit), and fried pickles (don't even get me started). I believe that each day is filled with incredible moments, sneakily disguised like ordinary moments. Its these moments, the ones that make you feel more alive just having lived them, that are what life is made of. On The Adventure is my place to share all of these moments with you. If you're into dogs, pretty bikes, and mountains, then I know you'll like what you find over here. Let's be friends :)

Kim from Her Sunday
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Hi all! I'm a 30 something gal living in Utah with my husband and our three furry babies. Her Sunday is my little corner of blog land and where I share my love for books, design, fashion, cooking, gardening, traveling and my family! Stop in for awhile and be sure to say 'hi'.

Carol owner of Calypte Collection
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Calypte Collection by Carol is the home of Handmade Statement Jewelry on Etsy.

I am a wildlife biologist by day and a jewelry designer by night, (and weekends...and early mornings...and lunch breaks…and even in my dreams!). Jewelry making, and crafting have been a passion since I was a small girl, thanks to Grandma! I’ve gotten my hands into almost everything from scrapbooking, sewing, card making, sculpting, painting, knitting, crochet…! If you can craft it, I will try it!!

The name Calypte Collection is the fusion of my two life passions, wildlife and jewelry. Calypte being the scientific name of my favorite hummingbird, and collection for the treasure trove of jewelry I create. My designs are modern and edgy that work with everyone’s style. You will find a touch of Mod, little bit of Boho, some Punk Gothique and a hint of trendy.

As my need to create followed me into adulthood it was a natural step to open up a shop and bring my work to the Etsy masses. I put my heart into each design and create truly wearable art. I enjoy mixing up vibrant color with a bit of monochrome in each design. A recipe for an amazing piece of handmade statement jewelry!

Vic from Frankly Vic
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I'm Vicky! Frankly Vic is a place for thoughts, inspiration, photography, knitting and anything else that I happen to feel like writing about. I started Frankly Vic as a way of documenting what was going on in my life as I'm rubbish at keeping a journal. I'm a scientist and a dreamer. Which is probably the biggest contradiction in the world but I think they actually work pretty well. I'm 20 years old and I'm currently studying Environmental Science at Uni. I'm kinda in love with my degree which is awesome, 'cos I really don't understand people who spend 3 years of their life doing something that they hate. Life is too short

G from What's More Important Than Fashion?
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Allow me to introduce myself, I’m G, a 29 year old lover of Fashion and Finance. I believe that Fashion and Finance go hand in hand because Image is just as important as Financial Empowerment. "What’s More Important Than Fashion?" was launched as a creative outlet outside of my days spent in Corporate America sitting on the cubicle farm. I am on a quest to make the world more fashionable and financially aware. This is a win/win for me because I get to combine the two things I love as well as help others. I am a complete fashion blog junkie and I finally got the nerve to create my own! What will be featured on this blog you ask…. So many things: pictures of me and my style, features of fellow fly girls, financial tips and advice, makeovers and much more! I hope to connect with like-minded people who enjoy what I have to offer as well as influence and challenge me and my style.

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If you are interesting in sponsoring My Mod Style, please visit my sponsorship page for information!
I would love to have you here! :)


  1. Thanks for shout out Jessie! So many other cute blogs to check out. I can't wait to read them all.

  2. Thank you Jessie, I love the collage you created! I love that I have so many new blogs to check out too!!

  3. I am so HAPPY to be a part of this Jessie!!! Thanks so much for all the LOVE and introducing me and my blog to a new audience. I have so many new blogs to check out now.


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