Simply A Day At The Park

I love being outdoors and just going to the park. Cody and I decided to just stay close to home this past weekend. We packed a lunch and just went to one of the local parks. It was simple and fun.

DayAtPark1 7142012

We made a squirrel friend. He liked our grapes.

DayAtPark2 7142012
DayAtPark 7142012 squirrel

Today I was very motivated to take some awesome pictures.
Vic posted this great post about photography on her blog and I really felt inspired.
One of her suggestions was doing a series about "Defining Your Summer". I kept that in mind today.
My summer so far has been beautiful days at parks, mountains, wildlife and lots of random flower pictures.

DayAtPark3 7142012

I will also remember this summer, as the summer I finally wore shorts.
I have always been so self-conscious about my body.
I am glad that I am finally getting over it.
I wear 100 SPF by the way. I hate tanning and love my pale skin.

DayAtPark4 7142012

More beautiful flowers....

DayAtPark5 7142012

I almost had a complete outfit malfunction because of the wind...

DayAtPark6 7142012

I loved just relaxing. No one but us. No computer. No TV.
Just a simple day with lovely weather.
I love turning an ordinary day at the park into a lifelong memory with photos.

DayAtPark7 7142012

I hope you are all having a great summer as well.


  1. What a romantic day! Beautiful pictures too. I desperately need to get a new camera so that I am able to capture life as such!


  2. I love Cody's face for the wardrobe issues. Yours too. I love picnics! They are so cheap and fun. Also I'm cheesy, so I think they are romantic in a way. Glad you guys are enjoying the summer!

  3. Very cute photos! My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go out with a blanket, book, friends and have a picnic :)

  4. I really wish we would do this more often. I feel time is flying and winter we be here before I know it! LOL We gotta get outside more.


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