Travel: Santa Barbara, CA

If you have been following me for awhile you know that I lived in California last year and LOVED it. If you new to my blog, welcome, and be prepared to hear about California fairly often. I love California because I think it's gorgeous. Mountains, rolling hills, trees, wild flowers, the ocean and green grass everywhere. It's perfection to me. :)

Last year when I posted pictures of Santa Barbara, I didn't post very good photos. They were tiny. I decided to go back and revisit my photo collection to post some more images that I love.....

Photos taken May 2011
Santa Barbara CA collage 1
We drove by the Betsy Johnson store and I snapped a photo from the car!
I didn't have the heart to drag Cody in there.
I don't think he could of handled all the girly pink stuff.
I knew I couldn't afford anything anyways!
Santa Barbara CA collage 2
One of the cutest pictures of Muffins EVER!
She was so happy in California.
Santa Barbara CA collage 3
See the cute little guys above that lived in the rocks.
I loved them. :)
Santa Barbara CA collage 4
Maybe next time we'll ride one of those!
I am sure it would be fun!
Santa Barbara CA collage 5
Santa Barbara Seagull
Santa Barbara CA collage 7
Dear Palm Trees, I love you.
jessie Santa Barbara CA collage 6
We hope to take a road trip next year and Santa Barbara will be part of that vacation!
I want to take Muffins to the beach again and go Whale Watching!
Oh how I love California. I dream about living there again everyday!
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  1. I wish I lived in America I would love to visit California :)

  2. I am sure you could make it a goal to take a vacation to California sometime. :)

  3. Nice post! I was there last September : ) BTW, your 'cute little guys' are California ground squirrels, looks like young ones too!

  4. Beautiful pictures! California is such an amazing state. I would love to live there too if it wasn't so darn expensive!

    BTW the next time I hear about them doing selections for Glambassadors I will forward you the link. Every year they open it up for new applications.

  5. You are right it is rather expensive. The Lompoc area is where we were looking, and the homes are too expensive there.


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