What I Wore #4

I wanted to post pictures of the outfit I wore when we went to the zoo last weekend. I actually purchased the dress back in April while visiting my family in Ohio. I miss all the stores I used to shop at in Ohio!! What did I wear to the zoo? An animal print dress..
WIW4 TITLE 650x100 animal print dress WIW4 7.1.12 1
I have always loved animal print! This dress is so comfy and I love all the colors!
It was nice having Cody snap some pictures of me outside at the zoo!
WIW4 7.1.12 3
My feet got really dirty walking around in sandals all day. Gross.
I felt weird taking pictures in public, but we just waited till no one was around.
WIW4 7.1.12 2
Dress - Gabriel Brothers $12.99 | Necklace - Forever 21 $2.99 | Bandeau Tube Top - JcPenney $6.00
Sunglasses - Big Lots $4.00 | Sandals - Thrifted $3.00

I could get used to these outfit posts. I love doing them and I am making a better effort to dress cute. :)
I love getting new clothes also!! LOL

I am linking up over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays!
Have a great weekend! :)



  1. I feel sooo weird taking pics in public. I wait until no one is around. Always cracks me up when bloggers take pictures in the street. What courage. Also love how cute you look.. but how affordable your stuff is.

  2. $12.99?! I can't believe you got such a cute dress for that price!

  3. You look so adorable in your animal print dress. Perfect for a day at the zoo! ;)

  4. I am very CHEAP. LOL I keep going to Target and looking at the dresses that are $24.99 and I just can't get myself to spend the money. I wait till they are clearanced. ;)

  5. What a perfect look for a summer day! Hope you have been doing well! I've been MIA lately!

  6. Cute leopard dress! The bathroom you painted below is amazing!! Would you like to follow each other?



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