Design Board - Tween Girl Room

Brenda emailed me seeking some help with some finishing touches for her daughter's bedroom. She already had painted the room a light turquoise and purchased the floral bedding from PB Teen. She wanted a bright cheerful space! The bedding was the inspiration. Here is what I came up with...

Design Board #1
Design Board Tween Bedroom
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I picked out a mixture of colors and patterns. Since it's a "tween" room, I didn't pick many other flower accessories. I figured the bedding was enough. I wanted the room to look a little grown up. I love the inspiration life artwork! The DIY artwork (#10 on the board) was done by Tracy of Dollar & Sense Decor. It's printed paper decoupaged onto store bought canvases! I love this because its affordable, easy and you have so many color/pattern options. Brenda has a big blank wall with no artwork on it. Taking some of the art I picked out, adding some pink picture frames and doing some DIY artwork would fill it up! I love photo collage walls! They are simple to do and you can make them personal. For my second design board, I focused more on setting up a little desk area in the room. Also storage ideas...

Design Board #2
Tween Design Board
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Having an area where Brenda's daughter can sit and maybe color and draw would be nice. The lack shelves from IKEA are nice to hang over the desk to create an instant storage area. Great way to keep things organized. All these items will pop against the painted turquoise walls! How fun! Here are 3 examples of cute desk areas...

Tween Desk Areas
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I hope Brenda is inspired and she will be able to incorporate some my ideas into her decorating project!
Happy Decorating!

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  1. All of the designs for each of the rooms are SO cool. man, if only my rooms looked that cool when I was a kid- haha!
    love your blog, by the way. your design is too cute!

    xo, samantha


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