Denver Brass Armadillo {trip 2}

When I am antiquing I am truly happy. I love spending hours at antique malls looking at tons and tons of stuff.
The Brass Armadillo is at the top of my list!
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The chair I am sitting on was only $62 and in fairly good shape. It was a great chair from the 1950's era. We got some coffee from the cafe that's in the Brass Armadillo. It took us almost 5 hours to go through the place. We needed the caffeine boost! I would have loved to have had the pink cat clock below. She had eyelashes!
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Yes, I found Domino magazines! I know most of us miss Domino and I thought about buying them, but didn't.
BA 6BA 7BA 8
I love license plates that look vintage. I may buy one of these next time I go back to the Brass Armadillo.
Look at this beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe...BA 9What we foundBA 11
Toy Figurines - Flower & Flounder | Star Wars Pez for Cody | Cody with his Star Wars Figurine
Ohio Jim Beam Decanter | Kitty Figurine & Kitty Tin from England | Garfield "Born 2 Party"

I was super excited to find the Ohio Decanter for only $3.80! I don't collect Jim Bean Decanters, I just wanted it because it's Ohio. The Garfield made me laugh! I have many Garfield stuffed animals, but I have never seen the "Born 2 Party" Garfield before. He is now my favorite. The kitty stuff was just adorable!
BA kittys

I highly recommend the Denver Brass Armadillo if you enjoy antiquing. It's one of my favorite malls. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes! They have a small cafe' where you can eat or get some coffee!!! It's a great place to go this time of year.
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Did you find anything cool this weekend? You can link up over at Her Library Adventures.

Brass Armadillo Antique Mall (Denver)


  1. I love thrifting at antique malls, no one wants to go with me because I can spend hours going and taking pictures... my husband is a good sport and actually also shares my love of it though. I'm glad yours appreciates it too! It looks like you found a good one!

  2. Lucky for me Cody puts up with me looking at EVERYTHING! He really has grown to enjoy looking at all the old stuff though. :)

  3. I spotted a batter dispenser in one of the pics - funny, I just found the syrup dispenser but it's not the same pattern - looks like lots to see there...

  4. My mother in law just found a stack of Domino's at a thrift store and swooped them up for me. I was so excited to get them!


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