Pinterest Bandwagon

So it took me what feels like forever to join the Pinterest bandwagon. My boards are very empty still and I try to pin things often to fill them. Honestly, I forget. I am just not used to it yet.
My favorite boards are "My Favorite Places & Spaces".....
Picture 6and my "ART" board....Picture 5
I really love Society 6. There are so many great artists on the website and the prices aren't bad. You can upload your own artwork and sell it. Most of my pins seem to be from artists selling their stuff on the Society 6 website.
You can see all my Pinterest Boards {HERE}


  1. Thank you for society 6. Never heard of it. Everything is affordable!! Its so hard to pick one.

  2. Pinterest is so much fun! Sometimes I can't let myself get on there or I'll never get anything else done!

  3. It really is fun! I love being able to save images for inspiration that easily!!

  4. It is so very addicting! I can be on there for hours without even realizing it!


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