Working with Animals {month 2}

It's been 2 months and a few days since I started working at the animal shelter. Everyday I get more and more interested in having a Pit-Bull. When I started working there, I was a little scared of the breed. Now that I have worked with them one on one, I know they are just like any other dog.
Powder and Precious

Powder was hit by a car and we nursed her back to health. When she first came in she was in so much pain and so scared. It just broke my heart to even look at her. If I didn't have any pets, she would be my dog. When I get into her kennel to visit with her, she showers me with love. Precious is a dog that is so ugly she's cute. She reminds me of a little gremlin.
She is very sweet but has a very deep bark. She sounds like a big male dog. It's really funny to hear. It's no wonder some people are really scared of Pit-Bulls. lol

I mostly work with cats during the week. I really only see the dogs, when an adopter comes in to see them. I go get the dog out of it's kennel and introduce it to the adopter. It's hard when you think the dog is perfect for the person, yet for some reason they don't see it and don't adopt the animal. Powder is very shy when people walk by her kennel. That makes people not want to see her. I have told many people about how sweet she is, but no one looks at her. Now when myself or other co-workers walk by her cage she runs to the door wagging her tail. She knows us. Animals in the shelter are not always themselves. They are so stressed and most of the time in a depression. Even with all this said, I like my job. I am have been emotionally stronger then I thought I would be.

Sadly, the only thing keeping me from not loving my job, is the people. I am sure all of us have had a job where someone has ruined it for us. I have already experienced this before at other jobs, so I find it very hard not to just quit. I hate drama. Unfortunately there is a lot of drama between the employees and I find it draining the morale out of me when I am there. I wake up every morning feeling happy inside, then I go to work and the happiness fades away. I can't stand when people in a work environment just can't be adults and work out their problems. Or at least agree to disagree. I have been a manager before, and the thing that worked for me was, treating the employee's the way I wanted to be treated. It's basic, simple and it works.

I am in a place in my life where I have found true happiness within myself. To work in a place that sucks that out of me on a daily basis is so depressing. I really want to work with animals and I really want at least 6 months of the work experience for my resume. It has left me in a very bad position. I feel I am going to be forced to make a decision I don't want to make. So, that's where I am at right now. It's a real bummer. I am strong willed and don't give up easily. I am planning a trip to visit Ohio in late April, so my current goal is to at least work at the shelter up till that trip. My paychecks will pay for that trip and then I can look for a new job when I get back. We'll see.... Day by Day I guess. I don't think anyone should stay at a job that they hate. Life is way to short to be miserable everyday.
If only everyone could just live by those words....
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