My Whale Bathroom

We have two bathrooms in our base house. For some reason they thought it would be smart to put ugly brown wallpaper in both the bathrooms. (I hate living in rentals!) I decided to go with a whale theme in our front bathroom. I thought maybe when we have guests over it would spark up a conversation about whales. When I designed my cute whale print I knew it would be a great way to add color to the (ugly) bathroom....
Front Bathroom 4Like any bathroom, it's tiny and hard to photograph.Front Bathroom 1Front Bathroom 2
The tall white vase and clock are from IKEA. I found the blue vase for $3 at a thrift store recently. I was excited because the shape reminds me of a wave and the color was perfect. I have vanilla scented oil in the vase to scent the bathroom.
Front Bathroom 6
I would like to add some more accessories and a plant stand to the corner across from the toilet...
Front Bathroom 5
I kinda feel like we may end up moving before I get all the decorating done!!! Over the weekend I went to my favorite thrift store here in town and found this cute wooden whale...
Front Bathroom wood whale
I had to bring him home with me! It was meant to be! :)


  1. I love how the simple touches you added makes the bathroom come alive! #INSPIRED

    7eventh Letter

  2. A plant stand would be cute, and a blue and pink towel on that rod would be super cute too. Love your whale print. Oh, I hate living in rentals as well!


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