The Arch - St. Louis, Missouri

I really took some cool pictures last year and I wanted to start sharing them with you on my blog. Sightseeing is probably one of my favorite things to do! When my friend Dan and I drove to Texas to see Cody's Air Force Graduation I think I took about 900 pictures. Photography is something that I hold very close to my heart. I think it's so important to preserve memories. The first pictures I wanted to share with you were taken in St. Louis Missouri. We stopped there along the way to see The Arch. It was a very cold windy March afternoon. Not the best sightseeing weather, yet it was beautiful and worth it...
St Louis Missouri Sign
St Louis Over Bridge
St Louis Road Signs and Arch
St Louis Arch and Church2
St Louis Riverfront Sign
St Louis Water
St Louis Arch and Trees
Standing under The Arch is an experience in itself. You can't look up for to long because you get dizzy. With the clouds moving, it makes it appear as if the Arch is moving back and forth.
St Louis Under Arch
St Louis Flags
St Louis Next to Arch
St Louis Arch and Us
St Louis BuildingsSt Louis Arch and MeEven though I was freezing to death, I am glad I can now say that I have seen The Arch in St. Louis!
Check out The Arch Website {HERE}
Photos taken in March of 2011


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