Wrapping Paper Bookcase Backdrop

After searching for months, I finally found some wrapping paper to put in the back of my large bookcase in my dining room. I wanted something turquoise. I had found some cool fabric at JoAnn's, but didn't feel like buying yards of it! A trip to the dollar store last week paid off.
Dining Bookcase Before

I found some crazy blue floral paper. I purchased two rolls for $2. It barely fit! The rolls were only 15ft long and I really could of used 16ft, so there are a few places where the white backing of the bookcase shows. For $2 though, who cares! I can always change it later. It's crazy bright...
Dining Bookcase1
It really makes everything POP instead of looking so plain and borrowing!Dining Bookcase Display 3
I got some great Alice stuff for Christmas! My parents bought me the Alice Cookie Jar I really wanted...Dining Bookcase Alice Cookie Jar
I had to rearrange my original displays in the bookcase to get everything to fit. The cookie jar is rather large! I think it looks so much better now! I also got the Alice Precious Moment that I have wanted for a very long time...
Dining Bookcase 4
I love combining my Alice stuff with vintage Pyrex and other kitchen items!Dining Bookcase 5Dining Bookcase 6
Above I have a teapot and Vinylmation sitting on a photo album I found at TJ MAXX for $7! I love the pattern on it so much! Below is just a photo of my favorite Alice Vinylmation, the White Rabbit...
Dining Bookcase Display 2
I used my box of paint swatches to raise the Alice Book higher in this display...
Dining Bookcase 7
When I first put the wrapping paper in the back of the bookcase I thought it might be way to bright and bold. I have lived with it now for over a week and it's grown on me, so I guess it stays!
Dining Bookcase 8

Now I just have to still get artwork, a buffet and a new rug! It's all a slow process. lol
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  1. you are so creative im so jealous! did you stop by disneyland when you were in california?

    have a great day!

  2. Lucy,
    We didn't get to go to Disney Land. Money was tight when we lived in California. I am sure we will go someday. We love Disney World so much though!!!

    Rachel, Yes, it's very happy!!! Good for the winter months!!

  3. Hey! I love this idea! I am going to do this when we get moved into our new place, I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    How did your bread turn out?

    P.S. I don't know if you guys do soy or not but Natural Groceries has a soy/veggie pepperoni that I eat and it's really good. It doesn't taste that different to me at all.

  4. I think it works really well with all the Alice stuff! I love using wrapping paper on the backs of bookcases. It's so tedious, though!

  5. This is an incredibly sweet set-up!


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