BLOG LOVE - The Dainty Squid


I am feeling really inspired by Kaylah's blog The Dainty Squid. In my eyes she is a thrifting goddess. Her house is full of all kinds of cute thrift store finds. She has many cute collections that are so fun to look at. My favorite thing about Kaylah is her style. I am so jealous of all her outfits....


I would love to go shopping with her and have her pick outfits out for me. I don't think I could pull off her look, but I would love something with a vintage flair! She is such a cute girl! I have always wanted colored hair, just could never get it right. Kaylah even has a tutorial on her blog on the best way to dye your hair a bright color! She also loves cats, so I have that in common with her. I just really enjoy looking at all her cool thrift store finds and looking at all the cute photos on her blog!
*Images are from Kaylah's blog and belong to her.

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