Fashion Friday: Disney Inspired Outfits

The other day I was searching for Alice in Wonderland posters and stumbled across a Tumblr page with cute Disney inspired outfits. The outfits are designed by Lala Kay and her page is called Disney Bound.
The outfits are so right on to the characters! If you are a Disney fan, it's really fun to look at all the outfits!
There are many pieces in the outfits that I would love to wear myself!

If you want to see more, and there are MANY MANY more, you can view all her cute outfits on Polyvore or her Tumblr Page!

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  1. OH I LOVE THESE! My favorite is Disneybound by Marie..SOO pretty all of them! Have a fabulous weekend. ♥Winona

  2. I love Disney. These are so cute, I think Bambi is my favorite.

  3. Love these! Hey honey, just so you know I try to visit your page every week and it doesn't come up. I was so excited to see it tonight! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend. Kori xoxo


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