5 YEARS of My Mod Style!

5yr blog anniversary
It's hard for me to believe that I have been blogging for 5 years. I honestly can't even remember how I stumbled across the blogger world! I think it all started when I opened a Flickr account. When I first started blogging I only followed Desire to Inspire, Making it Lovely, Creative Influences and a few other blogs. Most of these blogger's started when I did. I don't have 30,000 follower's, but I am still around and going strong!!! My blog started as a place for me to showcase all of our remolding projects for our house....
Mosaic - Remodeling PhotosMY NEW HOUSE~ 1961 Ranch
What a house and what an experience!! (See photos HERE.) My blog has had many looks and styles. I learned that I love designing things on Photoshop as much as decorating a room. Something I may have never learned about myself without my blog. Back in 2007 when I started my blog, I had also started my own decorating business. Here I am standing in my booth at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show...
My Booth / Home Show - 2007
I was just proud of myself for getting into the show, not an easy thing to do! My business was Interior Design for nurseries and kids rooms. I had a few really good projects, but decided to go back to having regularly paying job in the beginning of 2008 when I was offered an assistant manager position at an antique mall. I was so overwhelmed with all the remodeling and decorating of my own home, that I was to drained to design for others. I ended up getting a job at the Ohio Valley Antique Mall working full-time. I have always been drawn to the antique business and hope I get the chance to work somewhere as awesome again...
Picnik collage 2008 logo
My pink and black antique booth
My new job consumed my life. When the store first opened I worked 7 days a week. Which meant no time to blog. If you look back at my blog archive for 2008 it's pretty depressing....
archive sad
Needless to say, I lost a lot of followers that year. I still kick myself for it. It was out of my control though. Blogging takes a lot of time, energy and effort. It also has to stay FUN. I still blog because I love to. I do struggle to keep up with it some days. It was much easier when I didn't have a job. In 2009 I was still working on our house so much that it really consumed my life. I started focusing on the exterior of the home. I was so proud of my landscaping...
Picnik collage 2009 logo
In 2009 I also started working at IKEA and finally had most of the interior of our house decorated. Then as 2009 came to an end, Cody lost his job and our life got turned upside down! In 2010 that is when the direction of my blog totally changed. I decided it had to become more personal at that point. Since my blog had always mainly been based around the decorating of our house, I felt it necessary to be honest with my readers. We had to sell our home. Everyone needed to know why suddenly all the remodeling was done and our house was up for sale! It wouldn't make much sense to anyone if I wasn't honest about it, plus I am an honest person. Cody losing his job made him decide he wanted to join the Air Force, changing our life even more.
Cody Swearing in USAF - 1-4-2011
That kicked off 2011! I had a lot of cool stuff to blog about last year and it really inspired me to keep blogging. It's fun to look back on the last 5 years and see how much I have changed and the blog has changed! This year is the first time I have ever "celebrated" my blog anniversary, so I really wanted to do this post recapping the last 5 years. If you follow me, it means A LOT!! We all have such busy lives and if you take the time to stop by My Mod Style that is awesome. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings me! I may not have blog giveaways or be published in magazines, but I still plan on being here for awhile!

Please let me know what posts you love on My Mod Style.
What would you like to see more of?
Thanks for following and reading all my rambling!


  1. Happy blog birthday !
    I wish you a lot of new years of blogging with your cute and personnal ideas :)

  2. I think I found your blog early last year. Always loved it. Sometimes I go back and read your old posts. Happy 5 years!!

    I love the Air Force posts. I love the house tours. I love it all.

  3. You guys have been through a lot, but look at how many neat things you accomplished! Congrats and happy bloggiversary!

  4. Congratulations Jessie! 5years...WOW...I'm blogging for more than 2 years but feels like it was just few months ago. I wish you unlimited inspiration, lots of decorating activities and great success



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