Wood Floors & Fur Babies

Today I finally hooked up my computer. Sadly it's sitting on my kitchen table because my desk is still at our old place waiting for me to take it apart. Everything with our move happened so fast that I didn't have enough time to schedule a bunch of blog posts in advance. I know you will all forgive me. :) Once Thanksgiving weekend is over things will start to become normal for me again. I will get back to my normal routine. So what has been happening at our new house this week???

House numbers

I've been taking some photos of the house to capture "before" images. Even though the above photo will probably never "change". I love my vintage mailbox! We may change our house numbers to something a little bit more eye catching.

Our Fur Babies are adjusting well.
House catsSimon 11.21.12

They all handled this move like little champs! No crying hardly and no puking in the car. That's always an added bonus. Besides some unpacking this week, I have just been pondering paint colors and realizing how much work the house does really need! It's a lot of updating and painting. It will be fun. I am just so ready to get started!!! One thing that I did this week, because I just couldn't help myself, was ripped up carpet in one of the basement bedrooms...

House woodfloors1

YES! The basement has wood floors! Can you even believe it? The bedroom above and our family room both have wood floors. It's going to be so pretty. I wasn't sure what Cody would think of me ripping up the carpet by myself without him. I was scared he'd be jealous and upset with me, but he wasn't. He was very happy to see the floors.

House woodfloors2

I wish you guys could have seen the grin on my face when we first walked through the house and we realized there were hardwood floors in the basement also! I had an ear to ear smile. I think wood floors are so pretty.

House woodfloors3

This weekend we hope to pull all the nails and staples in the floor and actually move some furniture in to the space. This room is going to be our shared office space. Probably painted a shade of mint green and decorated with my vintage toy collection. Should be fun! I have two other rooms to paint upstairs first though. I am vowing to myself to only do one room at a time and FOCUS! Trust me, this is not an easy task for me.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and weekend! If you are going shopping on Friday, please be safe. People are crazy out there. I don't go shopping anymore on Black Friday. I have too bad of a temper to deal with the crowds. HA!


  1. I love wood floors as well! So exciting that's is kind of burried treasure :) xo

  2. Such a huge score on the floors!

  3. I wish I could rip up my carpet and find beautiful hardwood floors!

    1. This will be our first home with real wood floors. It's so exciting. Really changes the look and the feel of the house.

  4. Those wood floors are beautiful!

    <3 Melissa

  5. Ooh! How lucky! I love wood floors. Yours look like they are in great shape.

    1. I do feel lucky and yes they are in good shape!

  6. Why would anyone cover those beautiful floors with carpet?? They're so beautiful

  7. It is simply crazy ;) Plus I hate having to get rid of all the carpet.


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