Here is yet another Disney vacation post. Today I will be sharing with you photos of Animal Kingdom. If you enjoy wildlife and trips to the zoo you would enjoy this park. When you first walk into the park you go through a tropical setting where there are beautiful parrots and even a waterfall. I love photographing parrots. They always look so pretty and colorful...

DisneyVacation Title AKAnimal Kingdom Parrot

Once you get a little further in you will see the Tree of Life. It's really neat and I feel any picture I have ever taken of it is never good enough! It's just something you have to see for yourself. Every type of animal you can imagine is carved into the tree. I love it so much. You can even get really close to it, which we actually forgot to do this vacation. Oops! That's what the hot temperatures do to your brain sometimes.

Here is a photo of us with the tree in the background.
Animal Kingdom us

One of our favorite rides at the park is the Kilimanjaro Safari. You ride in a safari truck and your driver acts as a guide the entire time. Educating you about the animals along the way. I love being close to the animals. You never know what you are going to see and there are always great photo opportunities!

Animal Kingdom 2 Animal Kingdom 3

This is one of those times I am glad my camera has a good zoom!!!!
Animal Kingdom 4

I also love that they talk about saving the environment and the importance of saving the animals that are endangered.
Here I am with one of the cutest palm trees EVER...
Animal Kingdom metree

One of my favorite things we did was watched the Flights of Wonder bird show. I highly recommend it. It's a 30 minute show which is funny, education and fascinating. I loved seeing the trainer on stage with the animals. It was amazing the things that the birds were trained to do. Here is a video I shot of the show, very cute...

Here are a few of my favorite photos I snapped....
Animal Kingdom 5

Isn't the owl beautiful? She looks like a stuffed animal!! Animal Kingdom owl

Another cool ride at Animal Kingdom is a roller coaster called Expedition Everest. Make sure you ride it!
This is a photo of it from far away...
Animal Kingdom 7

More animals throughout the park...
Animal Kingdom 8
Animal Kingdom yellowbird

My photos this vacation were mainly centered around the animals. Even though this park is kinda like a zoo, there are still many rides and attractions I didn't photograph. I highly recommend the live shows, Finding Nemo & The Lion King. Both worth seeing for sure! There is also a whole dinosaur themed area geared towards kids. The stores are fun also because you find animal themed stuff you can't get at any of the other parks or stores. I love going to the zoo, so going to Animal Kingdom is a nice break from long lines and rides.

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  1. Such awesome pictures! I love zoos too, well, actually I love everything concerning animals. I wish I could live there :p

  2. omgosh!
    this looks like a TON of fun!
    i love animals!
    especially big beautiful ones like the tiger.

  3. The park is really amazing. I so love it
    I am a new follower if you can/want follow back

  4. That owl is beautiful!

  5. Wow, that animal with the huge horns is crazy! And I am in love with all birds of prey, so I would have loved the bird show!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love your dress too


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