DIY: Crayon Art & Paintings

It's been ages since I shared any type of DIY project here on the blog! Basically because I had no more projects to really do at my current home. Now that we are moving into our new house you can expect lots more projects, especially things that involve paintings!! My friend Kara decided she wanted to try making a Crayon Painting over the weekend and asked me if I'd like to join in on the fun! I said YES of course. :)

DIY crayonart1

Have you heard of paintings with crayons? I had not and was very excited to see what it was all about. I am going to show you what we did and how we made it happen! Let's start with your supply list:

DIY crayonart3 DIY crayonart3

For the glue, you should use a strong epoxy. I tried using my hot glue gun and some of my crayons got blown off by the hairdryer. Most stayed on, but it's best to use something stronger I think. I also suggest a HUGE drop cloth because once the wax starts to melt it kinda just goes EVERYWHERE. There were 3 of us making paintings: Alex, Kara and myself. First I will share Alex's painting...

She decided to paint her canvas black and leave a white opening in the center in the shape of a heart.
She then broke crayons in half and glued them around the heart.

diy crayon alex1

Once the glue dried for a few minutes, it was time to start melting the crayons with the hairdryer.

diy crayon alex2

If you have the hairdryer on high, it melts pretty fast. The lower setting is good if you want more control.
Alex let one side dry before flipping the canvas over to melt the other side of crayons.

diy crayon alex3

Then she decided to paint the center of her heart blue.
It think it turned out pretty cute!

diy crayon alex4

Now I'll share with you Kara's painting.
She also painted her canvas black and glued the full crayons at one end of it.

diy crayon kara1

Kara wanted to melt all of her crayon out, causing waves of color....

diy crayon kara2

Her painting had a very textured look to it. Layers of wax...

diy crayon kara3

Now we'll look at mine. I decided to paint my canvas pink, go figure!
I tried to pick coordinating colors for mine....

diy crayon jess1

I started with fewer crayons and ended up adding more later...

diy crayon jess2

I also felt my painting needed something else, so I painted the words over the wax...

diy crayon jess3

I love color so much, so I thought it was fitting. So, what do you think of our paintings??
It was really fun, just make sure NOT to forget lots of drop cloths!!
Pinterest is full of all kinds of inspiration for all different types of "crayon wax" paintings, you can view them HERE.


  1. This is a really cool idea! I've actually been wanting to make heart shaped crayons by melting them :) xo

  2. I've never heard of this before, but it's so cool! All of yours turned out very cute.


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