My Friends the Antelopes

When you grow up living in Ohio your entire life you get used to seeing only certain animals. Animals like cows, chickens, horses, deer and raccoons. Oh and scary possums. (They have always creeped me out.) When we moved to Wyoming over a year ago I was pleased to see Antelopes for the first time. Also, Jack Rabbits and other little bunnies everywhere. I haven't really had a chance to see a Buffalo up close yet. I can't wait to go to Yellowstone!!!


Wyoming is a special place too me as far as nature goes. Talk about beautiful scenery and wildlife. Beautiful parks and mountains to see. I can't wait to explore more of the state while I live here. These photos I took of the Antelope are on the Air Force base. They live on the base and are protected. If they want to stand in the middle of street, then they can. You do not move towards them or honk at them. They are used to people and the cars so usually don't cause any problems.

In a way I feel sorry for them because they have to live with humans, traffic and around buildings. On the other hand after watching a documentary about Yellowstone National Park, they have it so much easier then the Antelope that fight to survive there. I wanted to do this post because I wanted to share these photos with you. I also wanted to get on my soapbox a bit also. ;)


I find it greatly disturbing that people in Wyoming eat these beautiful animals. Of course, being Vegan I don't like that any animals are eaten. To me though when you start crossing into animals like the Antelope, Buffalo and even rabbits,....it's just sad and gross. :( When I did eat meat, it was only pork, beef, turkey and chicken. When we were at the grocery store the other day the male cashier asked me if I wanted to reserve my turkey for Thanksgiving. Some days I have a hard time not letting my inner Vegan B*tch out and sad for him, it was one of those days.

First of all I was buying all "fake" meat products and all Vegan stuff, that ANYONE would clearly be able to see that I didn't eat meat. Why else would you really buy FAKE pepperoni????? PLUS, it was a hippie/Vegan grocery store that has a section of organic meat that probably has 3 small shelves to select from. (Not your typical grocery store.)

So when he asked if I wanted to reserve my turkey, I yelled, "No! We are Vegan!" I was annoyed. My anger just builds up inside me overtime and I kinda lose it. Like for instance, today one of Cody's co-workers asked, "What's wrong with you?", when Cody told him he didn't eat meat. REALLY? If I was there I would of said, "No! What's wrong with you?" These are the side effects of not eating animals. People always have something to say.

Back to the cashier story, I think I said something like, "I think eating animals is gross and wrong." Then he said to me, "Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion." (True!) Then I said, "If people want to eat meat they should have to kill the animal or at least watch it die." Too harsh??? LOL Looking back I was really mean, but at the same time I get shit for being Vegan almost daily and you get sick of not defending your way of life. Plus, you get to where you feel like you have to be the ANIMALS VOICE. They are so helpless and can't stop people from eating them. :(


Instead of the cashier stopping, he made it worse by saying,"Well, I eat Antelope, Buffalo and Deer." Did he really think that this was good to say to the customer who is clearly feeling a bit psycho at the moment?? (ME!) What an idiot. So, now we just avoid his line when we go to the store. Then the next time we went I did get a Vegan cashier. When she did her REQUIRED speech of asking me if I wanted to purchase a turkey, I politely answered, "No, we don't eat meat." Then I told her the story I just told you and she said she hates asking people that shop there to "order a turkey", because most are Vegan or Vegetarian.

The moral of this story is that I find it disturbing to eat Antelope because they are an animal that could be extinct some day. I find it so sad that the people who are born and raised in Wyoming don't see them as beautiful creatures,.... just food. :( Especially the Buffalo!!! It breaks my heart that people eat these animals, but then years later will freak out when they are almost wiped off the planet because we didn't take care of them. Instead they ended up on a dinner table. AND don't even get me started on the fact that they also eat horse meat here and a law passed to shoot Wolves!

You may not agree with my views, but I hope that you at least found my post humorous.
That is the end of this Vegan soapbox hippie post. ;)
Thanks for reading.


  1. I wonder if she would get fired for not asking people if they want to buy a turkey. My question is why is the grocery store having their employees ask that? If the person wanted to buy a turkey wouldn't they?

    That is quite a dilemma she's in. I couldn't do it. If they told me to ask each customer if they wanted to buy a turkey I just couldn't; I wouldn't. Just like I hate when stores tell their employees to mention the store's credit card and how the credit card will "save" them a certain percentage of money. Bullshit. I couldn't do that either.

    1. It's really not fair. We went there yesterday and they didn't ask and their TV film that usually is on about organic turkeys wasn't on! I was happy. :)

  2. Also I love that the antelope are accepted on base and not really bothered. I served a term in the Air Force at two bases and really wish I got to see that! Though when I first moved to Austin I saw deer walking the streets of the downtown sidewalk. Like you, I felt sad at first that they had to walk on such firm turf and surrounded by cars, buildings and people. The other part of me felt good that they felt safe enough to do that and were accepted by the community and not bothered.

    1. I love that animals can just walk freely and be left alone. I just wish I didn't live in such a MEAT eating and hunting city. It's not a vegan friendly place at all. :(

  3. I can completely relate to the inner vegan b*tch haha, it's sooo hard not to snap sometimes isn't it?? And what a stupid supermarket asking that question if they mainly sell to vegans and vegetarians!
    They're such beautiful photos! I can't believe anyone could just consider those beautiful animals food :(

    1. I am such an outspoken person, so being Vegan has made it HARDER for me to bite my tongue. ;)

  4. Wauw I can't believe people eat those.. I tried to be a vegan but it didn't work out, I had to take vitamin supplements then. I try to eat as less meat as possible, I probably only eat it two or max. three times a week. I'm glad these amazing animals are protected on the base!

    1. When we write each other maybe we can talk about being Vegan in more detail if you'd like.

  5. They are such beautiful animals. I'm a vegan, too, and I just don't understand it!

    <3 Melissa


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