What I Wore #10

Last weekend the weather wasn't too cold in the afternoon, so I totally took advantage of being able to look cute without my winter coat! We spent the day visiting some thrift shops and antique stores. Here is what I wore....

WIW10 TITLE 650x100 WIW 10 pic10

The only thing new in this outfit is the $2 Union Jack tank. I just bought it off the clearance rack. I was so excited to find it! It's actually the first time I've ever wore sequins in my life. The clearance racks are usually the only place I shop, unless the prices in the store are overall fair. (Like a store like TJ Maxx.)

WIW 10 pic5
WIW 10 pic8

We took my outfit photos at my favorite antique store in town. I have a feeling most of my furniture in the future is going to come from this place. They always have great vintage pieces at fair prices! I am in love with this blonde vanity. The 3pc set which includes the vanity, bed frame and dresser is on $350! It may be mine, we'll see...

WIW 10 dresser WIW 10 pic6

This was also my first time wearing shorts over tights. I think the look is cute and couldn't wait to wear it myself. I am so glad I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone. I still am having trouble walking around town "looking stylish" or different. Every time we walked by someone wearing a cowboy hat, I thought to myself," I wonder what they are thinking about my outfit?" I stand out in this town with my platinum blonde hair, that's for sure. It's a cowboy/old fashioned town and they know when, "You Ain't From Around Here Are You"!?!?!

WIW 10 pic7
Headband - Forever 21 | Sweater - American Eagle, TJ Maxx | Union Jack Tank - JcPenney, $2
Shorts - JcPenney | Black Tights - Target | Shoes - Converse, Target

What do you think? I love this outfit and think it's one of my favorites.
I feel like it's very me.



  1. Love the shorts with the tights! Whenever I try out a similar look, I always feel like I can't pull it off.

    <3 Melissa

    1. I felt a little weird in it, but Cody kept telling me I looked cute. LOL ;)

  2. Jessie you look too adorable! I love tights with shorts, mini skirts and dresses! I even like them in funky colors. I recently talked my sister in law into wearing turquoise ones with a gray sweater dress and booties. She looked cute! Next, I'd like to see you wear a mini skirt, tights and combat boots.

    1. THANKS! :) I have no bright colored tights yet, but I will. I love them. I did get a really cute leopard print skirt recently, maybe I will wear that this weekend for an outfit post.

  3. great blog :) so lovely pics..
    you have new follower, hope you visit me back and follow..kisses

  4. Are those tights knit tights? I always wanted some like that, they look super warm. That cardigan is really cute, too.

    1. Actually they are knit and warm. :) I wear them under my jeans in the winter when it's really cold.

  5. You're so adorable, Jessie! I'd totally wear this.

  6. Lovely outfit! I've been wanting to try shorts over tights as well, I just haven't yet. I will though, sometime... And how awesome that that tank only costed $2! We don't even have clearance racks in our stores, meh.

  7. So cute! I love the shorts. And the dresser is so pretty!!


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