PHOTO A DAY // November 2012

I really enjoy taking a photo a day last month and decided to do it again in November! It's so fun to look back on the little things that happened through photos. Here is my November one day at a time with Instagram pics...


1. Something that starts with the letter "C" Coffee :) Something that starts with "C" 11.1.12
2. Color // 3. Breakfast // 4. TV // 5. 5 O'Clock
Color  11.2.12Breakfast Day3 11.3.12 IMG_27615 O'Clock Day5 11.5.12 6. A Favorite Thing
Favorite Thing Day6 11.6.12 7. Reflection // 8. Something you do everyday
Reflection Day 7 11.7.12Snuggles with Barrett
Me // Small
9. Small // 10. Can't live without
Cody :)  // Can't / Won't live without Day10 11.10.12
11. Night // 12. Drink // 13. Where I Slept // 14. Man-made
IMG_2901IMG_2894 Slept Day13 11.13.12Man-Made // My Dollhouse Day14 11.14.12
15. In My Bag
16. View from my window
View from my window // Day16 11.16.12
17. Last thing I bought // 18. Happened this weekend // 19. Something Awesome // 20. Work/Play
Last thing I bought // Day17 11.17.12Happened this weekend // Day18 11.18.12IMG_3037Work/Play // Day20 11.20.12
21. What I Wore
What I Wore // Day 21 11.21.12
22. Grateful
Cody & Coffee // Grateful
23. Black // 24. A sound you heard // 25. Sky // 26. In the cupboard
Sea Shepherd Hat // Black Day23 11.23.12What I Heard // Day24 11.24.12Gray SkyIn The Cupboard // Day 26 11.26.12
27. Tree
Tree // Day27 11.27.12
28. Vehicle // 29. Big // 30. On The Wall
Vehicle Day28 11.28.12Big / my cat Sammy / 11.29.12 Something on the wall: our kitchen with vintage wallpaper (will be remodeled someday) 11.30.12 #fmsphotoaday

Photo challenge hosted by @FATMUMSLIM // My Instagram @jessiedmeece
Hash tag #fmsphotoaday

I have placed a image for the December photo challenge in my sidebar if you are interested in joining the fun! :)
View my October photos HERE

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  1. Love photo posts. I just documented my whole November too. Hope you're doing well Jessie! :) x

    1. Thanks. I will head over to your blog and check out your photos. :)

  2. Replies
    1. You should, plus I'm following you on Instagram now. YAY!

  3. Great photos! Your cat is so cute. That photo of the truck covered in Christmas lights is hilarious. Only in Wyoming? Maybe. This reminds me that I had a Harry Potter movie marathon about this time last year. I think I need to do it again.

    1. It's funny because that Jeep was on the AF base also. LOL Some of the Airman are bigger hillbillies then the locals. ;) This is a great time to watch all the Harry Potter movies!

  4. Great photos! I gave up after day 2. It will be easy if I decide to get an iPhone, though.

    <3 Melissa

  5. I always love these challenges and I've tried to participate in October in November but only did like 7 days haha. I really like this post thought. The 'in your bag' was really fun and also, I couldn't but notice Cody's awesome ninja turtles pants!! xo


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