One room down. Many more to go. Painting is what I'm talking about of course. I think it's pretty awesome that at the end of the first week of living in our house I already had a room painted. I haven't unpacked much though. The kitchen and daily needed items are done, but not much more. My computer is on an end table in the living room and I blog sitting on the floor. Gotta keep the posts coming! :) First I am going to share a few BEFORE photos of our living room....

Living Room Before

The room is dark with the curtains pulled and I hated the paneling! It was quite a process for me to decide on a wall color for the living room. Lighting is everything! A color that looks good at the home improvement store doesn't mean it will look good when you get it home. It took 2 guys at Home Depot to get my paint color matched correctly and 2 wasted "oops" cans of paint. I felt bad for them really.

Living Room Paint SwatchLiving Room Paint Supplies

I knew before we even moved into our house that I wanted a shade of mustard yellow! I did test the swatch out in the living room lighting before purchasing it. I had about 10 different shades of yellow to choose from. The color I finally decided on was Golden Glow by Olympic. Before I started painting the room yellow I had to first paint the baseboards and trim in the room. The previous homeowners thought it was a wonderful idea to paint the base boards the same yucky shade of brown as the walls. I used white trim paint by Glidden to paint the trim...

Living Room base boards

I decided to paint the trim on Friday night that way I could start the yellow Saturday morning. I couldn't wait to get started! It took two coats of paint to cover up the brown. I love Glidden paint because it drys fast making it easy to get the job done. Then the morning came and my least favorite part of painting needed to be done, cutting in the entire room...

Living Room cutting in yellow

What a difference already! Huge difference in the brown and yellow. Then it was time for the super fun part, rolling the walls! I love watching the room change and transform into something beautiful.

Living Room Paint Tray

It was such a great feeling to pour the paint in the tray. The last room I painted was back in 2010 and it was a small white bathroom. BORING. To see the bold bright color in front of me was pure happiness & joy! Painting is so therapic for me. :)

Living Room YELLOW rolled1Living Room YELLOW rolled2

This color is amazing really. Even after all the attempts by the Home Depot coworkers to get it correct it still wasn't. Once the paint started drying I realized the color was "off" and much brighter then I wanted. The color changes throughout the day depending on the light. It goes from mustard yellow, a mac n cheese color, orange and sometimes it reminds me of the color of a school bus. I like bright colors, so it's working for me. :)

Living Room yellow plumber

As if painting wasn't enough to be dealing with on Saturday our sewer decided it was going to back up. Luckily we were able to get a plumber to our house right away for emergency service. Sadly our carpet is pretty nasty in the basement now and my mattress for my guest bedroom got wet. GROSS. I guess we will be replacing some carpet sooner then we expected. At least none of the hardwood floors got damaged. In the end that's all I care about really. Sunday came and it was time to tackle the wood paneling. I hate wood paneling! I decided to paint the entire wall white, fireplace and all...

Living Room Painting the Paneling1
(Yes that is a big Smurf sitting on my couch.)
Living Room Paneling and Fireplace

Currently the fireplace is only primed. I need a break from painting for a few days to get caught up on other things. We really could of used a paint sprayer to paint it. It took forever and it's still not perfect. I am happy with all the white. It really pops with the yellow walls! The room is so much lighter and inviting now.

Living Room Painting Paneling2 Living Room Chloe windowLiving Room Barrett Living Room paneling white

It truly is amazing what you can do with paint. Now I get to stage all my stuff in the room and add all the fun details. I didn't have a plan for this room really. I just knew we needed to keep our vintage couch and I wanted yellow walls. I hope to get some curtains this weekend at IKEA. I do like a pair at World Cost Market but they are kinda pricey. We'll see what happens. I look forward to going through all my stuff and decorating. I plan to paint some paintings for the room also. I could probably spend a few months in this room alone if I wanted to. I leave you with a photo I took while typing this post. The living room has turned into a kitty lounge....

Kitty Lounge
More photos as I get things done :)


  1. when did you get all these cats????

  2. Wow Jessie, I really love your design and decorating skills! I can't wait to see what you do next with this room!!! Also, check your inbox!

    7eventh Letter

  3. So fun! I love the yellow! I was hoping you'd paint the paneling and fireplace white. It looks fabulous. I actually hate painting trim more than the cutting in. I usually do the trim last, maybe I should do it first like you did to get it over with. Oh it must feel so great to paint! Can't wait to watch your new place evolve. Congratulations!

  4. Wow! What an amazing difference! It looks fantastic.

  5. It turned out great. I love the fireplace white. That's exactly what I would have done. Looks like a huge job!

  6. Love the new color! I agree with The Quiet Owl, it's amazing what a difference a splash of color can make!

  7. I think it looks awesome! The yellow is a really pretty colour. And I didn't know you had that much cats, they're adorable! xo


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