I Want to be a Cyclist When I Grow Up!

I feel good things coming in my future. I love my new hobby, biking. :)

Our friends Kara and Dan are really into cycling/biking. They have been a great influence on us and really taught us a lot about bikes in general. My "Huffy" bike weighs 47 pounds and is "supposed" to be for mountain biking! The bike is way too heavy for me and if I took it out on a rough trail I think it would be a disaster! When I told them this, they told me it had to be why I was having such a hard time peddling and biking for long period of times. I get so tired! We all went to a local bike shop and attempted to find something tiny enough for me! Well it wasn't easy!

Bike Shopping

The bike shop owner dreaded telling me that if I wanted a bike to fit my petite build, the frame alone would start at $3000. OUCH! I honestly wasn't surprised. Being small has always made having "normal" things hard. Good cycling bikes start around $500 & go UP! Sound crazy? I am sure it does if you aren't into biking or know nothing about it. It's all new to me really. It's exciting though to think about how in shape I will be. So I ended up with a youth sized bike that the shop owner had custom built himself,...for way less money. ;) Not only do Kara and Dan inspire me to bike, but when I watched the Olympics and saw the women cyclists I was so fascinated with it. I thought to myself, "How awesome would that be?"

Women & Painting
I painted this after I bought my bike! I'm a dork, yes.

So apparently Cannondale is a really GOOD brand of bike. Kara and Dan said I may turn heads. LOL I think it's funny. It should be fun though to be out there on a somewhat "fancy" bike. Cody and I have plans to workout a lot this winter. I really want to get in great shape, especially before having a baby. Kara and Dan just biked all the way up to the summit at the Rocky Mountains. AMAZING. I can barely do a small hill. So, my goal is to be as good as them.

My New Ride :) Dan & Cody with Bikes Bikes and Rainbows
There was a double rainbow in the sky!
My Bike

Isn't my bike so cute? Road bikes do not have kick stands, so I leaned it up against my car for a quick photo. I did want a bike that had more white on it or pink. This bike couldn't be ordered or anything, so I just had to buy it the way it was. A bit more boyish then I wanted but I do love it. Great thing is I will be able to change things and add hot pink accessories.

Bike and Sea Shepherds

I also found a Sea Shepherd biking jersey! Can you say perfect?
It's expensive though, that jersey will have to wait!
Oh I am so excited!! Too bad that summer is ending. :(
Here is a photo of me with my bike going on my first ride...

First Ride on The CannonDale 9.2.12


  1. WOW! Awesome double rainbow :) Looks like a fun day!!!

  2. Yay! I love your new bike and the jersey is awesome. We have really been enjoying biking too. I will tell you, a road bike makes all the difference. I love mine and it makes riding a lot better. I can go farther and keep with Andy too.

    ps- I got your email about the group post and I plan to participate. I just haven't had time to type up my answer yet.

  3. I think you look really cool in your bike picture! We bike everywhere in The Netherlands. You should see the rows and rows of bikes at random public places here; it's kind of cool :)



  4. I absolutely love biking! I hope to hear more about your biking adventures.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Thanks everybody! I think I am going to really love cycling. I will be posting next week about our first somewhat long bike ride. :)


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