Sponsor or Swap in October

Sponsor in October

Since I am leaving on vacation in a few days and I will be gone while everyone is emailing each other and trying to setup their October sponsorship! It's going to tuff for me next month! If you are currently swapping with me and have my button on your blog, please feel free to let me know if you want to keep swapping. :) I would love to do that. I have added many new sizes to my BANNER PAGE in hope that it will make it easier for swapping!

I will still be able to check emails, so don't be discouraged. I just am not going to be approaching people this month for swaps because I simply don't have time, SO DON'T BE SHY! :)

I offer 3 sizes:
LARGE: $12
250x250 // TOP AD // only 2 available
Guest post: promote your blog or business!
You can also host a giveaway if you'd like!

250x125 // UNDER LARGE ADS
The ad's will be shuffled every time the page is refreshed for better exposure!
I will feature your blog or business in a "meet my sponsors" post.

250x80 // Your ad will be placed underneath the medium ads.
They are shuffled every time the page is refreshed.

I don't care if you have 0 followers or 3000! I want to help promote everyone! We all start somewhere. Need stat's and other things? My pageviews are anywhere from 550 - 800 a day. How or why it varies so much, I do not know. ;) With that said, I would love to have you here on my little corner of the internet. Please visit my Sponsorship page for FULL DETAILS!!!

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