My Favorite Disney Movies

Everyone has that certain Disney movie that they love and can watch over and over! I have a few that I really enjoy to watch and I wanted to share them with you! I honestly haven't watched a lot of the older classics in forever. Like Bambi, Snow White or Peter Pan. They are all great, but these are the ones I watch over and over:

Tangled Collage

I love the humor of this movie. This was one of the first movies that Cody and I watched when we moved to Wyoming last year. Cody laughed so hard. It made me feel good, since I made him watch a "somewhat girly" Disney movie. I love the songs and the characters. It's such a great inspiring story I think. It's pretty to watch also. I love when they realize all the lanterns into the sky! (Last photo)

Wall E Collage

I'm sure most of you have seen Wall-E. What a great love story! Plus Wall-E just melts your heart. I watched this movie years ago when I didn't care about the environment at that time. I remember actually making fun of the fact that it was talking about environmental issues,...I rolled my eyes at the story line. It kept my attention though with the humor and love story. Now I love it for all the reasons. The message of the movie is so true. Gosh, I am glad I love the planet now. :)

Finding Nemo Collage

Well DUH, of course I love this movie. I just love all the characters, even though the sharks scare me every time I watch it. LOL I think I just love that it's in the ocean and seeing all the colors. It's cute overall. Can't wait to show my little baby this movie someday. :)

ALice Collage

We bought this movie a few years back and I hadn't seen it since I was a child. When you see it as an adult you realize how dark it is and a bit trippy! This is my favorite classic. I am not a Disney princess girl, I love Alice. :)

I try to pick up Disney movies at thrift stores! I don't have too many yet, but look forward to building my collection VIA secondhand shopping!
This is a scheduled post while I am on vacation at Disney World! Be back soon!

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  1. I always forget that Alice in Wonderland is Disney. I absolutely love that movie.

    <3 Melissa


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