My Favorite Pins #3

Some more pins that I felt were worth sharing with you....

Pinterest Favorites Title3
Pinterest Favorites3
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1 Chickpea Burgers \\ I gotta try these! We love chickpeas and this burger version looks very yummy!
2 Funny Alice Pic \\ Don't we all just want to escape to our own place sometimes? That's why I blog. :)
3 IKEA Salt Lake City \\ Goes Solar Power Baby!! Awesome! VIA Bless This Mess
4 Pitbull \\ I miss working with Pitbulls at the animal shelter! I want one. They are so sweet.
5 Colorful Room \\ Okay, I need a house. I want to paint. This room is so my style.

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  1. I'm so excited that IKEA Salt Lake City went solar power! I'm an environmental studies major and a huge proponent of clean energy. It's great to see a corporation that so many people love making the right choices to go green and inspire others to do the same.

    <3 Melissa

  2. I love that IKEA pic. It's such a magical place :P

  3. Love the pitbull one. People don't realize that pitbulls are 100% loyal to their owners. Meaning if they want them to fight, they will. Or if they want them to be big baby lap dogs, they will (this would be the case for me).

  4. Yummm chickpea burgers sound amazing! <3


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