Sponsors & Friends // September

Meet my lovely September sponsors! Go make some new friends!
Meet my Sponsors

Emily from Tea Tree Vintage
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Hello, I'm Emily! I am a 26 year old college student majoring in Medical Administration. I have an extreme passion for photography (though I'm not very good), anything vintage/old/pretty, nail art, gardening, boating, food, and books - to name a few! I am a tattooed vegetarian and mama to a very silly looking lil' pup, Calla, and a lion, Buddha. I am happily in love with my best friend, and we've been together going on 6 years in August. I love life and hope to share all my passions with you!

Sadie from Brambles & Honey
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Brambles & Honey is a lifestyle blog: my creative outlet, and a place where I explore everything that inspires me and everything that I appreciate about life. I want to soak up every day: the good and the bad. The brambles and the honey. You're welcome to join me on the ride! I write a lot about my family. I am an aspiring photographer. I write about the kind of faith that can move mountains. Sometimes I share recipes. A lot of times, I just want to show you beautiful things that have given me another opportunity to smile.

Lauren from Tastes Like Love
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My name is Lauren! I like all things colourful, kitsch and vintage. I collect tea cups, tea pots, bread tags and buttons. I also have an affinity for big circular stud earrings and lip balm. I love picnics, my husband Luke, floral dresses, stockings, vegetarian meals, ping pong, tetris, animal masks, pots of tea, box sets & movie nights, dinner parties, children's books, blogs, stationery, Sunday evenings, graphic design and illustrations. My blog is about my daily adventures, my illustrations, fancy folk & the delightful things I come across.

Amber from The Owl's Den
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My name is Amber and I am a 22 year old college student. I love sharing crafts, design ideas and I also love helping others. Though it started out as a design blog it turned into a combination of so many things like projects, cooking, furnishing my first apartment and just stuff going on in my little world. I still post helpful interior design stuff but also have fun with my mini adventures and my style post.

Courtney from Chase All Your Dreams Sponsor Post Chase Your Dreams 650x500
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I'm Courtney, 21, I am in love with The Big Apple. Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog of a college student who's trying to break into the music business. I love music, baking, traveling, crafting, DIY-ing, writing, and so much more. Please stop by and say hello.

The Coaster Shop - Owners Amber & Richard
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We're a husband and wife team who enjoy crafting, hanging out with our two dogs and spending time with friends and family. All of our ceramic coasters have a full cork bottom to prevent slipping and are fully sealed to prevent wear and water damage. Other patterns are available. Just leave a comment when ordering if something else tickles your fancy!

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Thanks to all my lovely sponsors for sponsoring My Mod Style this month!
If you are interesting in sponsoring My Mod Style, I would love to chat with you!
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  1. Looks like another set of cool friends & sponsors! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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