Okay, I am just a "little" excited. I have been planning our vacation to Disney World for at least a year. It's always just been "talk" and clicking on the Disney website dreaming about going. Now that it is here, my excitement level is out the roof. Cody hasn't had a proper vacation since a month before he went to basic training, December 2010.
Guess what vacation that was? .....Disney World!!! Post HERE.

Our Disney World Tickets! YAY! // Sept 2012

Things are way different now. We aren't getting the food plan, we are packing a huge cooler with fruit and veggies. We have our boxed SILK soy milk, trail mix and homemade Lara bars. Going to Disney eating Vegan style is way different then eating at the park. We froze some food to thaw out there, we bought a rice cooker with a timer so dinner can be ready for us when we get back to our room and lots of microwaveable stuff! (BOCA Burgers) It's not fine dining, but it's way better then spending over $500 on the Disney food plan and not eat Vegan or healthy. :)

IMG_1184IMG_1168 IMG_1178IMG_1177

We have 25 duplicate Vinylmations figurines to trade at the park! Very excited about that!
Can't wait to see what "new to me" Vinylmations I bring home!


I originally wanted to do a VLOG today. Time though is my enemy. Just not enough hours in the day. I love when bloggers do VLOG'S and you get to see them for real. I hope to do this before the end of the year. While I am on vacation I do have scheduled posts, including some guest posters! So please do still visit!! It's going to be a lot of Disney, thought I should warn you. I thought it would be fun to keep the theme going while I am there. Needless to say, I plan to take a sh*t ton of photos while I am there. I am already stressing about whether I should use my Iphone for certain shots or my Canon. LOL I am such a picture nerd. There are so many beautiful things to photograph there. Cody is going to be annoyed with the amount of times I make him stop so I can snap a photo. ;)


I hope you enjoy all my posts while I am gone and hopefully I can do some updates also along the way! We are driving over 1,800 miles to get to the "happiest place on Earth" and I will love every moment of it! I will be back right at the beginning of October. Sorry that I will miss all your lovely blogs! I will try not to over do the Disney pictures and posts of my vacation when I come back! I am thinking a post about each park and hopefully a "What I Wore" at Disney post! Let me know what you would like to know about Disney and I will try to tell you all about it!



  1. I hope you have an amazing time! I am a little bit envious, I so want to go back to disneyworld! Wow, you have a ton of Vinylmations. Do you have a picture of your whole collection? I am a bit of a toy geek so I love that kind of thing.
    xx PC

  2. Have an amazing time out there! I'm so excited for you! :)

  3. I'm so envious! I hope you have the best time.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Hi Jess!

    Your excitement about the vacation is so awesome! I think it's terrific you are enjoying all the traveling so much over the last couple years. I haven't been to Disney World in about 17 years, so I'm sure it is A LOT better now. Take care, and don't forget your SPF 100! ;)

    Dan & Ruby (meow!)

  5. Thanks everybody!!!! Sorry I won't be able to stop by your blogs for awhile. :(

  6. I'm not sure if you are still at Disney or not, but I hope you get a chance to go to Epcot during your stay. The Food and Wine festival is going on, and they added a new vegan booth (Terra, I think) to the mix, so you can try some Disney vegan creations for a few dollars if you would like. I hope you enjoy(ed) your time there; I just got back from the magic. Sad, but I know I'll go back.


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