I have become more increasing frustrated with the fact that restaurants and stores do not provide recycling bins. I really started to think about how I wanted to make a difference in my local community. We actually stopped going to Starbucks for a few weeks, because I didn't want to have to be given a "to go" cup and not be able to recycle it there after drinking it 10 minutes later. Didn't make much sense to me. This was also influenced by the film BAG IT that I blogged about a few weeks ago. You will probably get sick of hearing about the movie BAG IT, or you'll think that it must be awesome because I talk about it so much. ;)

Our solution was to go buy glass tumblers that we can take with us every time we go out to Starbucks....

Starbucks glass mugs

We chose these glass tumblers (12oz for Tall coffees) instead of plastic. We are also not using plastic as much either. Again, thanks BAG IT! :)

Cody got on their website before we went to Starbucks and it had all this great information about their recycling and reducing waste procedures in there coffee shops. It cheered me up. I didn't feel as frustrated. It even says that their shops should have bins for recycling, so I probably just didn't see them!


Call me crazy to worry about coffee cups! LOL I think it's awesome that Starbucks let's you do this. BUT, why didn't I know sooner? There should be signs in their shops promoting this. I guess I need to look harder and ask more questions! I encourage you to do the same. The tumblers are really cute anyways....

Glass Starbucks Mugs

It's just another simple thing that anyone can do that all adds up to make a huge difference!
Recycling and doing simple little things like buying a travel mug to reuse at Starbucks is so rewarding for me.
It's very similar to the feeling I would get when I adopted out a homeless animal at the animal shelter.
I don't care what anyone says, one person can make a difference!

Text and Information below is taken from the Starbucks website:

How You Can Help?
Use a tumbler

Use a Tumbler at Starbucks
You save 10¢ and a paper cup every time.

Use the Right Can Every Time
The waste receptacles in our stores are all marked with detailed lists of the materials they’re intended for, like paper cups, plastic lids, food waste and more. Scan the tops of the cans before you toss to make sure your putting rubbish in the right place.

Improve Recycling in Your City
Could your city do a better job at recycling? Write to your mayor and ask for more action on this important issue.

Please visit Starbucks Recycling & Reducing Waste page for lots of great information HERE.

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  1. That's really cool idea. I have never had a drink from Starbucks, I'm like an old lady and drink tea out of a flask when we go out.

  2. yay! Ben and I got some tumblers recently and from time to time we swing by Starbucks with them :-)


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