Biking in Windsor, Colorado // 25 miles

Earlier this week I posted about my new bike. On Labor Day we took our bikes down to Windsor, Colorado on a trail we hadn't rode before. It was so beautiful!!!! The scenery was stunning. It made biking much more enjoyable than our usual trail that we ride on in Wyoming. It was nice seeing views of the mountains and we even saw a snake on the trail! We biked 25 miles, which was our first "somewhat" long ride. My new bike really works with me and not against me. I really think I can get into this hobby/sport. It's so fun to be outdoors surrounded by nature. Here are some of my favorite photos from our biking adventure....

Biking1 9.3.12 Biking Thumbs Up Biking2 9.3.12 Biking3 9.3.12 Biking4 9.3.12 Biking6 9.3.12 Biking away from it all Biking5 9.3.12

Isn't Colorado beautiful? I think we could of biked further, but I really had to pee.
I drink 2 litters of water while biking!
We had no idea where the next bathroom would be so we decided to turn around.
The trail is a total of 43 miles and we hope to do it all next time.


  1. That looks really pretty, except for that huge snake. That's scary!

  2. Agreed! Cody took the picture of the snake, not me! LOL

  3. Oh my god, that snake is terrifying! And go you cycling 25 miles! I'm not sure I could cycle 25 miles without having to pee either haha

  4. My word, that place is so gorgeous! I have a friend whose brother lives in Colorado and he goes biking long trails with his brother whenever he visits. It's much harder to do that type thing in the Southeast- the hills! The hills! You wouldn't believe it. Still, I want to get a bike and ride sometimes.


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