Hallway Photography & Decor

I spent some time going through my pet photos (all 100million of them) to pick some I would like to get blown up to hang in the hallway. Here are the ones I have picked of my babies. I did some photo effects to them and changed there colors a bit.

Now that I have hung my Kylie Minogue poster up in the hallway, I really want to hang everything else. The pet photos are going on one wall. The other walls I just have ideas of things I might want to hang. We have so many wedding photos that its overwhelming to pick which ones would go up on the walls!

Here is a photo of 2 pictures that I have in the hallway right now of my husband and I. I don't think I am happy with it, so I am going to move them around and see if I like something else better. The frame that the Kylie Minogue poster is in matches these frames. I really like the WHITE look in the hallway. The pet photos will add color though.

I took this picture on our honeymoon is Sonoma California. I laugh everytime I see it. They say "California cows are happy cows", but these cows were very grumpy. Of course I changed the colors and added a censored bar.

Here is my husband and I in San Francisco. I thought it would be fun to do a wall of photos from our honeymoon.

Just a few of my favorites. I have a million more.

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  1. Poor Muffins...only dog living in a house with all those kitties! :) The picture ideas are very neat!


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