I wanted to blog about a new blogger that I have found. She goes by the name MOD DIVA. We have tons in common when it comes to Design. Which will show in all the pictures below.

She has a 1950's house that is so cute!

She is NOT afraid of color!!!! She has great furniture too, I am a bit jealous!! :)

Here are her babies Bijoux, Penelope, Skylar and Diva! How cute!

Go check out her blog to see more photos of her cool atomic ranch.
Her Blog ~ It's A Mod, Mod, World (link)


  1. I'm envious of her home too! But I don't want to renovate. I wonder what the chances are of finding a 50s ranch that doesn't need work. :) It would probably be too expensive. Maybe prefab is the way to go.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Hey Jessie..
    Thanks for the Shout out! Now I'm gonna have to keep up with my blog and not slack;)I'm glad you enjoy my blog as much as I love yours Design twin!
    Mod Diva


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