Trim, Stress, & Being Tired!

Not to much has been happening at my atomic ranch. We are under lots of stress because of our stupid "deadline" with the bank. We are already PAST the deadline, and paying a fee for it everyday we go over. Oh well, such is life. Its a long story. All I can say it that I am tired and drained. Can't wait to be working so I can get OUT of my house and far away from it for 8 hours a day. My husband and are love working on our house. BUT being forced to hurry and spend money you don't have sucks!!!!!

The bank has decided that all our trim had to be done. Last weekend all we did was this. I painted all these trim boards before putting them up. Sadly, they still need MORE paint, and all the nail holes need filled. :( I just don't have the motivation that is needed to do all this right now. My husband and I have agreed that the month of December is our month OFF. Then we are going to work on ONE ROOM at a time.
Living Room Trim

My Office


The kitty's..... if only we all could have a cat life. lol

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  1. Gosh girl! I'm terribly sorry that your bank people are morons who can't see that you are not superman and superwoman actually need time to breathe while renovating! geez! I guess they only way to look at it though is that it couldn't get too much worse, right?! Hang in there, you're doing a great job.

  2. thanks. :) I do feel they want people to be supermans!!! lol I guess the state of OHIO has really strong laws about rehab loans. Our state has one of the worse numbers for foreclosures. That is why they are being so tuff. BUT MAN, we are just tired. Then you have all the holiday stress on top of it. yuck!

  3. Hey Jess-
    Hang in there- I'm sure it's over whelming but when everything gets done you're gonna be so happy with the results! I felt that way too when we got back into our house after living in Chicago. We had a tenant from hell, we had to move out of our rental and back into our house. The tenant made our house a "grow house" broke pretty much eveything and left us with deadbolts instead of door knobs. So we had to paint everything , rip out the carpet and deep clean. It took a long time to get the weed smell out of the house and I thought it couldn't all be done before we had to move in but it was so worth all the blood , sweat and tears! Hang in there!

  4. Jess, I really love reading renovation blogs and am always so in awe of the amazing people who pull them off. Especially those like yours, where you and your husband have such great style and are such a great team! This is very stressful, and your are managing it so well and I appreciate your sharing the process!

    The trim looks great. I dream of having an atomic ranch, but I don't think I have the stamina for a reno. I hope to buy a prefab that doesn't need any work. I am getting lazy in my old age. Painting my chairs this weekend took a lot out of me.

    I know what you mean about being in the house all day - I was sick in bed and everything that needed to be done was screaming at me.

    You're doing a great job and I am really happy you are sharing your style with us.

    P.S. Your cats are just too cute and it looks like they really love each other!


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