Xmas Trees & Decor

Here is my Christmas tree! It has no topper, needs more ornaments, maybe some stuff UNDER it, and its to small for our new living room. I also have a vintage silver tree, but I don't want to take the chance of one of the cats killing themselves eating it!!!!

Here is my tree last year, at our old house.... (looks the same.)

I love the size of this tree.

I want a 7ft skinny tree, so I can push it right into the corner! Also, this tree goes to the floor. I think that looks better. Well, money is tight this year, so unless I find a really good deal no new tree. I searched Flickr for some photos of trees that I think are very pretty and well decorated.

Well, of course I love the tree in the above photo. DUH! Pink & Hello kitty. My husband would NEVER let this tree in our house. I suppose I could buy a little tree and put it in my office....hummmmmm This tree belongs to Anasui on flickr. She did a great job decorating her tree. (link)

This pretty white tree belongs to Holiday Jenny. (link)

Look at this colorful white tree that belongs too Laurenmlove. (link)

This tree is so pretty and tiny, and PINK. :) It belongs to Nerdstrom. (link)

This pretty white tree belongs to Runesrule. (link) They wrapped the lights around the middle of the tree to make it glow. Great idea!

Here is a tree made out of toothpicks! How cool! (link)

Holiday Decor from CB2! How Mod!

My husband and I aren't into the Holidays at all this year. He didn't even want to put the tree up. We are tired and stressed. Like most couples around the holidays we get stressed over making all the families happy, while we are miserable. I will say looking at trees online makes me want to get more into the spirit and decorate my tree more. See, it all goes back to DECORATING!!! :)


  1. I have that same white tree you have! I love that 7 ft one. However, I am a college student in a tiny apartment so it would not fit! I looove the fabric. IKEA? I so wish that I had an IKEA so I could buy some!!!!!!!

  2. Yes the fabric is IKEA. I had some left over from making pillows. I just wish I could keep my cats off it. lol I need to put some presents under the tree or something. :)

  3. I like your tree! We hope to get one put up here this weekend...just dragging all of that stuff out of the attic is daunting! :) I drooled over the CB2 stuff too when the catalog came out. Pretty and Shiny!

  4. What a cute post! Your tree looks great. I love the way you draped the fabric around the bottom.

    I love the hello kitty tree. When I say it, I thought, "Oh that must be in her office." It's so you!

    I usually don't do a tree - but I want a pink one!


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