West Elm Love

I have fallen in love with this bedframe from West Elm. I got excited today when I saw that a white king size was on sale for $295.00. I was ready to whip out my credit card!!!!

Oh how pretty it would be against my turquoise wall. I seem to have a love for rectangles and squares lately. Here it is in another photo of the bed. I thought this picture showed what it looked like better.

Only problem is, the headboard is what is $295.00!!! The bed frame is another $300.00!!! I was heartbroken. :( I can't afford to spend that much. I still have to buy the KING SIZE bed!!!! Ouch. Leaving me with a grand total of something close to $2000.00!!!!! I don't think so. Here is the nightstands. :( Again, heartbroken.

My husband and I went to an outlet mall last weekend. They had some West Elm stuff. It was falling apart though. The dresser to match this bed frame that I love was there. It was all beat up and falling apart though. They still had it priced at $350.00! The funny thing about West Elm furniture is that its just like IKEA stuff. Just NOT the IKEA PRICE! Makes it very hard for me to want to drop $600 on any of their furniture. I do love their stuff though, just not the prices. Hopefully I will have better luck next time at the outlet store. :)


  1. absolutely beautiful. i love west elm. i thought for sure the quality would be better. but you're saying it's not? that sucks.

  2. From what I have seen, I didn't feel the furniture was worth the extra money compared to IKEA. I am sure it depends on the piece also. I like all the white furniture from both Ikea and West Elm. They both are going to have to be put together out of a box. ;) I just wait for what I want to go on sale. lol

  3. I have that bed in chocolate. I love west elm as well, but I have to disagree about the Ikea comparison. Most of West Elm's furniture is real wood. Ikea's is not. PS- Where's the outlet again?

  4. the outlet is in Jefferson OHIO, Prime Outlet Mall. The west elm stuff is sold in A Pottery Barn Outlet Store.

  5. Oh West Elm is definitely not IKEA quality... I have a stainless steel table from west elm that I also got from the pottery barn outlet in Jeffersonville..besides me paying so little for it..it is so sturdy that my 3 and 1 year old have no chance at hurting this one!There are definitely good buys at IKEA money wise but long lasting furniture..West Elm does it for me..


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