MOD Kids' Room

I had posted a month or so ago about wanting to apply for an Interior Designer Position at IKEA. Shortly after I had posted about it, I had another job offer. I was offered to work at a new antique mall that is opening 5 minutes from my house. I love antique malls, and worked at one for 5 years. My favorite job ever, and really the only job I have ever LOVED. My boss is someone that I have already worked for and someone I get along with VERY well. In a nutshell, I took the job. The timing felt right and I am very excited about it. I decided to stick with keeping my small Interior Design business as my "design outlet", and going to IKEA just for fun to shop. I didn't want to end up hating the place because I worked there 40 hours a week. :(

I will be doing a Home & Garden Show in March 2008 to hopefully get some clients to design for. March will be here before I know it. I have been brainstorming on how I want to design my booth. Its so important to stand out and catch people's attention!

Kiitos Marimekko Bedding (link)

Love all this bedding and the patterns. The black and white circles is my favorite!! I have done two shows so far and both my booths have been nurseries. I want to do something a bit older this time. I also really want to design my booth contemporary. I think its my strong point, and its what I love to do.

This image is of a room I can't get out of my head! I love it! It's been saved on my computers for over a year. Its modern with great colors, but its not to grown up. The popart of the little boy is adds great personal touch. I love the red all the way around the room. He also has cooler furniture then me!!!

I am in love with this kids' room also. Love the colors. Love the stripes. Even though I have already painted a striped room, I am leaning towards stripes for my booth! Of course I wouldn't copycat these rooms. I am just inspired by them. They make me want to design.

Here is some inspiration boards I have made. I am in love with this IKEA line for kids'. I wanted to do something more unisex, then boy or girl.

My main problem at the moment is deciding on the furniture. My booth is only 8ft X 10ft. This is why I have only done nurseries. The furniture has always been smaller. I love this bedframe from IKEA.

It has the look I am going for. If I put a twin size bed in my booth though there won't be much room for me, or anything else. We'll see. If anyone has seen any great mod kids' stuff, websites, or has any ideas, please share them with me!!!!


  1. Try moderntots.com They have lots of neat stuff! :)

  2. So is this new job design related??

  3. The new job isn't really design related. Just lots of old friends and its a really fun job. I will get to help setup the new store. The owner is an Interior Designer, and she is the one who inspired me to study design. She doesn't know yet that I have a business, so I am hoping she can maybe help me get some clients. I would love to have a little booth someday to sell stuff to. :)

  4. Spacify.com has one of the largest selections of Kids Beds on the web so check it out.


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