Rehab Weekend ~ Nov 07

Here is the latest at the atomic ranch.....
Early November 07

New Garage Doors! WooHoo!

They do not have garage door openers yet, but they are not hard to lift. I could only open the old doors halfway. They were very heavy. Now we just need to paint the house.

I painted the Masterbedroom. (A day I thought would NEVER come.) The color turned out alot darker than I hoped. Its been a week or so now, and I really like it more everyday.

The color is : Classic Turquoise by KILZ. I got the swatch from Walmart. I had it color matched at Home Depot in Glidden paint.

Simon thinks its HIS bedroom.

This Andy Warhol print is my favorite thing that is going in the room. I love the yellow and hot pink together. This room is going to be interesting...... Might need sunglasses. ;)

I painted the closet orange just because I felt like it that day. lol Why should the color stop????? (and I didn't get picked for the got color contest? ha.) This room is going to be my Andy Warhol Heaven.

My husband has been busy laying the floor in the bathroom. We just picked WHITE tile. Go figure, right?? ha. I plan to keep the bathroom simple. Its so tiny. White walls with POPS of bright/bold colors. Such as these.....

These are just some paint swatches I grabbed while shopping at Walmart one day. Anytime or anywhere I go that has swatches, I grab them. Any color that catches my eye!!! I have a whole shoebox full. Anybody ever needs help finding color, they come to me. :) Currently I am loving HOT PINKS and FUCHSIA colors. My husband is scared. This weekends plan is to actually install the toilet,(that we bought back in May)sink, and the shower door. Here is two more photos I just wanted to share.

That's my goldfish Carl. He makes me smile. At my old house he was in my bedroom sitting on a dresser. He is now in the kitchen next to the sink. I like him there better I think. Plus, the cats are clueless that he is up on the counter.

The colder weather brings more cuddling. They are so cute and sweet.

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  1. Jessie - I am in love with Carl! Ha, thanks for sharing! Also, that is the sweetest cat pic I ever saw. They just look like lovers. Makes it hard for me to remain in my sans-cat resolve!

    I am in love (as you can guess with the fushia for the bathroom). Again, I had to laugh at your husband being afraid - he's been so brave to this point! Until you mention pink, ha, ha. But you gotta give him props.

    The bathroom floor looks great. And I dearly love the turquoise. Can't wait to see your Warhol heaven! Did you see the Campbell's soup cans for the Cure month? Did you buy any? i can see them lined up on a shelf.

  2. Oh P.S. - what color are you planning to paint the house?

  3. I love the blue in your bedroom :) and i've always wanted a bedroom large enough to add a sitting area. maybe one day huh? wow your house is sure a pop of colour at every turn :) you should have some sunglasses at your foyer for your guests ;)

    it's looking great jessie.

  4. Thanks for the comments!!! Sunglasses at the door is a great idea Drey. lol

    Peggy ~ I plan to keep the house red. :) woohoo!

  5. Carl is so cute!! And the cuddling cats...that is too sweet! I LOVE your bedroom color, it reminds me of my craft room! It still amazes me and makes me smile every time I see how many color choices we have in common...some people are so scared of color, but we obviously are not! The tamest room we have in the house is the guest bath that is all white with a hot pink drying towel and aqua shower curtain. I would love to one day have the red glass tiles on the floor and have a new shower with just a plain glass door in there...when the money starts magically appearing, maybe that will happen one day! Let's hope teacher salaries go up and not down. ;)

  6. Great colours! And the cats aren't half bad either!

  7. I love, Love Love the turquoise!! I can't wait to see what the Warhol room looks like! I've totally got the pink Marilyn Warhol poster sitting in our baby room ready to be framed-I've had it for about 3 years in a cardboard roll but since it's pink- the hubby is saying that it's too girly for the house-it's going up as soon as I get it framed! Nice work Design twin!

  8. Your cats are so cute!
    Hugs from Brazil. I love this blog.


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