Master Bathroom (shower drama)

The truly only GOOD thing that came out of this weekend was the items pictured below...

For those who may not know, I collect toys from the eighties. I went to the thrift store and was lucky enough to find some stuff. (Okay, the hello kitty stuff isn't old, but its HELLO KITTY!!!!) My favorite find is the small Garfield in the devil suit. The Garfield stuffed animal was made in 1981, he is as old as me. :)

The photo above is circles I had painted in my closet. They were for practice. I wanted to do circles all over my bathroom walls. Instead, I decided to just paint them on the ceiling and leave the walls bright WHITE. I really wanted to keep the bathroom white since it is so tiny.

To add color I painted the ceiling the same color as the master bedroom walls. I think its pretty!!

We finally installed our pretty light fixture. It looks so good. I am very happy with it. I started circles in the left handle corner, but they don't show up well in this photo. The next photo is where the weekend went to hell.....

Our fancy $500 shower door!!!!! Looks pretty, but it DOESN'T FIT!!!! I special ordered it over 3 months ago, so there is not returning it. Also, we are out of time. It needed to be DONE today. CRAP. If you look at the photo, on the right side, the door is hitting the shower. We have adjusted it as much as we can. (after many attempts, injuries, and cuss words.) There is still a silver piece not even on yet. NOT GOING TO FIT!!!! Now we have to go get the 80 pound $500 piece of glass cut somewhere. We also haven't gotten good news about refinancing. They want MORE work done!!!! ALL THE TRIM in the house, lots of things fixed in the hall bathroom, and many other things. Things that take alot of time and money. All I can say is, "We'll see what happens." I am just trying not to freak out. :) All part of rehabbing a house I suppose. I don't want to move for a LONG time.

Okay there is one more good thing that came from this weekend.... we finally have the toilet in the room it belongs. lol Its been in the living room, my office, the dining room, the guest bedroom, and even the hall bathroom. We actually bought it for the hall bath, but it didn't fit.


  1. i'm sorry to hear all your problems with the shower door! and what else you have going on. what you've got going looks great. the circles on the bathroom ceiling looks really funky! can't wait to see it completely :)

  2. At least you weren't paying your contractor to install like we were. Our glass shower door leaked all over the place. My husband had to do a really bad silicone patch job. And when installing our toilet, the same contractor didn't level it so that water poured out between the bowl and tank. Lovely! At least you can (at some future point) laugh at the silliness of it all! Good luck!

  3. Hey!! This sounds totally crazy but I was dreaming about the exact shower door for my guest bathroom! Sorry to hear about the shower drama.I'm jealous that your husband is so handy- My husband is jealous of your husband's "handi-ness":)
    I Don't mind at all about you blogging about me- we are design twins from another mother after all;) I like all your new ( old ) Hello Kitty treasures. I bet you'd love this necklace I got from NYC>. It's a HUGE Hello Hitty Head totally blinged out- My husband thinks it's alittle much but I love to rock it and it's a hit with the under twelve set when I wear it!

  4. I'm so sorry about your shower drama!
    :( At least you did get some really cool toys out of the weekend! I think I have some old Garfields that I don't want anymore...I'll check and see---you can have them if you like. The only old school stuffed animals I keep from childhood are my old Snoopy doll collection. I hope the refinancing thing works out too! Do you and your husband both work day jobs while trying to get all of this done?

  5. Everything will work out in the end. I keep telling myself that. :) Thanks for all the comments. I just gotta keep working on the house.


    I am not working at the moment, but will be soon. Most of the summer I just worked on what I could while my husband was at his day job.

  6. Wow, you are sure are learning a lot in this process. I wouldn't even know where to start in a reno project!

    I love your collection of toys. Do you have any smurfs? I think I'd like to add a couple to my collection. I also love gumby and pokey.

    Your ceiling looks wonderful! Kind of like sky and clouds. Are the light fixtures pink or is that just how they look on my monitor?

  7. Peggy,
    The fixture just looks pink in the photo I think, because its not pink. I do have smurfs!!!! Lots of them!! I have over 150 small figures and some houses, etc. :) They are my favorite. I bought a few, then it just snowballed from there. lol

  8. Hi Jessie,

    I have just surfed in from Google.

    This was some time ago, did you get it all sorted in the end?



  9. Hey Claire! :)

    No, we never got the shower door to work in our bathroom. Its in the box in our basement. I don't know if we'll ever get to use it. :( Oh well, shit happens.

    I ended up painting my bathroom pink and hanging a Andy Warhol shower curtain in there. (lots of Hello kitty in the bathroom also. lol)



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