*Aja's Eye for Design*

WooHoo for self-taunt Interior Designers born with an eye for design.

I meant Aja on Flickr. She and I share a love for Interior Design & IKEA. Oh, and color! Also she has a great house that I am very jealous of! ;) lol Her rooms & designs are wonderful. The best part is its her "hobby" and shes a pure natural. I have that in common with her too. As we talked more, I found that she had studied Interior Design the same way I had, Sheffield School of Interior Design. Aja likes to change her rooms around by switching out accessories. She has a knack for great furniture layouts and placement of her accessories. Which are two of the most important things, I think, when decorating a room.

Living Room & Dining Room Fall Decor 2006

Living Room & Dining Room Spring Summer Decor 2007

I had to post a bigger picture of this for Peggy. (Try not to drool to much Peggy!!) Its so well done!

Guest Bedroom

Aja really did make this a true room to RELAX in.

Master Bedroom


I am so in love with the Sunroom. I want one. I could do this at my house, but we gotta stop remodeling sometime!!!!!


Can't get much more color then this!!! I just want to go sit in her kitchen and drink coffee all day. :) Aja just remodeled her kitchen this summer ironically the same time I was remodeling my IKEA kitchen. It was fun to watch each others progress.

Go check out Aja on Flickr and leave her some picture comments. She has photos of her complete kitchen remodel. She even took down a wall during the remodel to open the kitchen up.

Thanks Aja for inspiring me and being living proof that not all Interior Designers have to have a college degree to be wonderful at what they do. ;)


  1. OMG, OMG. Jessie - you are totally right. Drool. She's done a great job with that pottery display! Very balanced. Love how the weighty pieces (the baskets) are at the bottom.

    I adore the turquoise bedding too!

    Her place is gorgeous. I will be sure to check out her flikr set! I think I remember her from the AT color contest, but I don't think I noticed how great her style is.

  2. She had entered her kitchen. It was a COLOR contest, and she has COLOR that's for sure!!! ;)

  3. I am loving it all! That guest bedroom is to die for!

  4. Wow Jess,
    I am totally flattered you did an awesome job! Such kind words,from all of you. Thanks so much you guys.

  5. Had to look at this post again. Didn't she achieve remarkable balance and symmetry with the way she placed her white ceramics?

    My sister-in-law tends to display ceramics in pairs, I might start too. Love this post!

  6. I absolutely love her use of color and how things are simply done. great post! :) thanks!! what great inspiration!


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