*Fuchsia Anyone?*

My husband says to me, "What is it with you and Fuchsia lately?"

My answer is, "I don't know."

Why do any of us fall in love with any certain color? The more I see HOT PINK and FUCHSIA I really want to use them. I will have bright pink, hot pink, or fuchsia colors in my bedroom and bathroom. I will just make sure its in small doses so that my husband doesn't have a heartattack. ;) lol

Here is a pretty top from Forever 21 (link)

Disco Dot Fabric from Tonic Living (link)

I have always loved this room. Its just saved on my computer, don't know where its from. My husband begged me NOT to paint our bedroom pink. Since he gives me such "design freedom" everywhere else, I agreed NOT to. :)

I would love to do a little girls room or teen girls room in pinks and reds. *fingers crossed*


  1. everytime i see a great room i can't help but want to redo everything :P

    i'm trying in my living room not to go overboard with hot pink/fushcia heheheheh

  2. i totally get you on this sudden love of hot pink. I've never been a 'pink' girl but have decided its going to be the accent colour (shades of pink) in my apartment...as soon as I move into one! I think it's because it's sexy and feminine and...happy.

  3. I totally understand you with this sudden love of hot pink! I've never been much of a 'pink' girl but lately I've been in love with it in interiors...I've decided its going to be the accent colour in my apartment...once I move into it!

  4. ooh I love me some fuschia. I just don't like spelling it! I would would love to have that bedding!

  5. This picture is in my inspiration folder, too. It's from interior designer Ghislaine Vinas. Here's the link to her website with the pink picture:


    Her work is fun. You'll probably like her aesthetic.


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