My Garage

What was the garage from HELL............

This is what the garage looked like the day we bought the house. It was the first thing we did in back in May, Rehab Weekend #1.

Yesterday it was warmer outside. I decided to take the time to move around all of our drywall tools, lumber, furniture, nails, etc etc... I wanted to be able to finally put our cars in the garage with winter coming!!

It was a great feeling to finally see our cars in our garage. At our last house we had a tiny one car garage. I would just squeeze my Mustang in. Now we have a huge garage, and both cars fit!!!! woohoo!!!

We still have tons of stuff to get rid of and organize. We just can't worry about it right now. We plan to finish the garage and paint the floor. We hope to finish the basement first though. Lets not forget, we have to paint the outside of the house come spring time. (a house is NEVER done)


  1. It feels really good to put the cars in the garage, I know that from personal experience also! Tell me about a house never being finished...we've lived here almost four years now and there's still so much to be done---not because we don't have the ideas and visions already planned out...but because of needing the TWO major things when doing stuff to houses--TIME and MONEY! ;) I read once though that even though you think you want your house to be finished, once you have nothing left to do to it--you feel empty or something--have a long while before I test out that theory. ;) Part of the fun is the process huh?! Except when expensive shower doors don't fit!!

  2. You may love my view, but I love your garage...or the fact that you have one! It takes me forever to find parking and then I have to send out a search party to find my car the next time I need to use it! Plus a little secret about my view...Its only from the balcony. All other 13 windows face nosey neighbors. But I'm all about celebrating the positive soooo...


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