NEW BLOG PAGE - Tour My Home(s)

I am trying to make some changes to the blog for 2012. I want to be more organized for my readers. My Mod Style is going to have a 5 year anniversary soon! I want to make it better for YOU! One thing I just designed was a page called, "Tour My Home(s)". It's a quick way to take TOURS of places I have lived and go back to read old posts about those places. Here is a look...

Where I lived page My old home

Where I lived page apartment103

Where I lived page Wyoming Apartment

Where I lived page Our Base House
The actual page has all the links and a story to go along with it! You can use this icon below, located on my sidebar categories to view the full page.
ICON Tour My Homes 5x5

Please feel free to give me feedback on your favorite My Mod Style posts and what you would like to see on my blog this year!


  1. Absolutely love it! Your places are so cute!

  2. I love all your houses. I like how your style pretty much stays the same.. but you find ways to expand upon it and do new things. And what I really want to see is your base house bathroom. I know this is weird, but I just thought your other bathroom was so awesome. LOL.

  3. Thanks! I am trying to decorate our Base House! I just need to buy some much crap!

  4. Good idea this new page ! I love your style, your houses are really cute and so personnal.
    "Bon anniversaire au blog" as we said in France :)


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