Muffins Birthday

Okay, maybe it seems weird to post about my dogs birthday on my blog. Muffins is now 12 years old. It is hitting me like a ton of bricks that my baby is getting older. With my new job, my eyes are being opened to all the pets that are neglected and homeless. When I come home everyday Muffins is right there wondering where I have been. Her eyes fill up with joy and happiness to see that I am home again. Muffins is the sweetest little thing and she has so much love for me...
Muffins Birthday 2012
I know she doesn't know that it's her birthday. Sadly, just I do. Last year I watched her health decline rapidly. She still gets around somewhat well, but she has a limp caused by back or hip pain. I need to take her to the vet and get some blood work done and maybe put her on some pain meds. My heart already aches thinking about having to let her go someday. This may all sound morbid, but I am just preparing myself for the future. A lot of this is just all triggered by my new job. My job is not for everyone and I am already being tested. I hope that I can find the strength to not give up. Seeing the sad animals in cages everyday, the animals that no one wanted, and animals that can't find homes is heart wrenching. All I can hope is that I can make a difference!!
Muffins Birthday2 2012
I hope that if you aren't a pet owner that you may be willing to open your life up to an animal someday. They will bring you so much love and warmth, especially when you need it the most. With all the said, Happy Birthday Muffins! Thanks for being the best little Yorkie I could ever want!


  1. Happy Birthday Muffins! :)
    She's definitely been a great pet for you all these years.

  2. Happy Birthday Muffins!! I love how it seems like she's smiling in some of the pictures you post. (Maybe she is)

    I'm praying you find the strength to hang on. I'm sure you will!!

  3. Jessie, your blog page is so sweet and my heart aches to even think of muffin getting old, she is so sweet and you are right, you got the right puppy when you got her. It brought tears to my eyes to read about the other pets you speak of. Thanks for posting, so we can see you, we miss you! Tell Muffin Happy Birthday and give her a kiss for us. You and Cody also. Love Always, Grandma

  4. Happy Birthday to Muffins! I love her name. I had a dog named Muffin when I was 17, and she was the meanest little thing ever.

  5. I think this is a completely normal and wonderful thing to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Muffins!


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