New York Loft

I stumbled across these lovely images of a New York Loft featured in a Elle Decor Look Book. I dream of having a loft someday! I found these photos by searching for Andy Warhol artwork, here is why:
A Wall of Warhol Shoe Prints!
New York Loft New York Loft
New York Loft
New York Loft
New York LoftPhotographer: Simon Upton
Designer: Tom Scheerer
Homeowner: Naeem and Ranjana Khan
View the LookBook {HERE}


  1. Oh how glorious. One can only dream. Sometimes I think.. "What the hell did I do wrong in life". LMAO. I will just be thankful for my modest environment but that space is amazing.

  2. I can’t blame you for loving this, it’s gorgeous! This is definitely something a lot of women dream of owning. Not only is it stylish, but it also feels very relaxing. I love how the artwork and furniture all came together in the room.

    Ling Mancil


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