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Cody and I move a lot, even before our Military Life.  I designed this page to make HOME TOURS simpler.  It all starts with the house that inspired the start of My Mod Style!

My old home was my favorite decorating project so far!  TOUR
Where I lived page My old home
Once we sold our home in late 2010, we moved to Apartment 103!  After all our remolding of our house it was nice to have an apartment.  It was easy to take care of.  This is where I lived by myself while Cody was in Basic Training for the Air Force. POSTS
Where I lived page apartment103
I lived in Apartment 103 for 7 months.  I broke my lease so that I could go be with Cody in California.  It cost me money to break my lease, but it was so worth it!  Once Cody was done with his schooling in California we got stationed in the state of Wyoming.  We lived in a tiny apartment for 2 months. POSTS
Where I lived page Wyoming Apartment
We hated our apartment so much!  Our landlord let us break our lease since we decided to move to Base Housing.  This is where we currently live and we love it!  Sadly this house will be to tore down to the ground in about a year.  They are building new houses on the base, so we will have to move AGAIN!  POSTS
Where I lived page base house
Our base house needs a lot of decorating still, it's a work in progress!