Design Board - Loren's Living & Dining Area

Loren emailed me needing some help and inspiration for her home. She just felt stuck and needed some ideas of how to finish her rooms. The first thing I wanted to do was help her with her living room area.
LivingRoom For Blog
Loren loves her sofa and love seat, but kinda is sick of the brown. Well slip covers are very pricey, so I figure just add some color to brighten up the room!
Loren's Living Room Turq Grn
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I could have picked out a million more things, but the design board started to look a little cramped! I love turquoise, green and brown together. I think it will not only brighten up Loren's living room, it really gives the room a sophisticated look. Loren's kitchen and dining area is open to her living room. Currently in her kitchen she has a "wine theme". My design board for her kitchen and dining area still has the wine theme, I just added a lot of COLOR....
Lorens Kitchen And Dining Area with border
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Loren has space above her kitchen cabinets to create a great display! I picked out some great vases and the Wine Tasting poster to put up there. Also, I picked out the glass decanter from Crate & Barrel. The decanter is priced at $40, but you can find decanters at thrift stores and antique shops for much cheaper! I am obsessed with the rug from Crate & Barrel! She could buy the runner for her kitchen or the 5X7 to put under her table and chairs.

I really hope these colors inspire Loren!
Happy Decorating!

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