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Decorating one room to use for guests and as a home office is tricky! Loren needed some help with this dilemma! She lacked storage and organization. She already owned a futon and an office chair from IKEA.
IKEA Chair2

I love the patterns and colors on the chair so I decided it would be a great inspiration piece for my design. Here is what I came up with....
Lorens Office Guest Bedroom
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I added a dresser to the room so that guests have a place to put their clothes while visiting. Plus, it can just be used for extra storage when Loren doesn't have guests. I chose a computer armoire to hid clutter and provide better storage. A pretty bookcase to store baskets for the "not so pretty" stuff, but plenty of room for pretty picture frames and vases. When storage is an issue, I always suggest baskets or boxes on top of the furniture also! Sometimes you need to go all the way up to the ceiling! I also love LACK wall shelves from IKEA. An important thing about decorating to me is, hiding clutter and only displaying pretty things.
Happy Decorating Loren!

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